STATE OF GEORGIA (ABC Family) “Know When to Fold ‘Em” Episode 5


Watch a preview of the upcoming episode of ABC Family’s new series STATE OF GEORGIA “Know When to Fold ‘Em” Episode 5 which airs Wednesday July 27 from 8:30-9:00PM ET (5:30-6:00PM PT).

Episode Synopsis: STATE OF GEORGIA (ABC Family) “Know When to Fold ‘Em” Episode 5 – When Georgia books her first commercial, it seems clear to her that her big break is right around the corner. However her boss at the store makes the staff stay late the same day as her commercial shoot. Will Georgia’s job prevent the Big Apple from discovering her limitless potential? Will she risk being fired in order to pursue her dream? Find out in all new episode of “State of Georgia,” premiering Wednesday, July 27 at 8:30PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

Meanwhile, Jo develops a crush on her socially awkward co-worker, Doug (Nathan Parsons), but is too scared to talk to him. With a little encouragement from Georgia, Jo overcomes her fears, only to realize that the man of her dreams may not be who she thought he was.