ROYAL PAINS “A Man Called Grandpa” Review

Royal Pains (USA) A Man Called Grandpa

ROYAL PAINS “A Man Called Grandpa” Season 3 Episode 5 – I missed last week’s episode due to attending Comic Con and though the cast of this show wasn’t there, I did get the chance to chat with folks from some other USA shows including Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Fairly Legal and Psych. So be sure to check out the Interviews page to see all the videos from the convention.

Now back to the episode and boy howdy, did a lot happen in this one. First up there’s the accident that hurt Jill and destroyed the cord blood from Boris’ son. That’s starting to look less like an accident though and I gotta wonder if maybe someone was trying to make sure that he wouldn’t have any chance of getting better, the only question is who?

Then there’s the whole situation with the Eddie and his dad. The boys have finally fixed the rift with their dad, but it looks like fathers getting into fights with their sons and becoming estranged runs in the family. Luckily the relationship between the two is on the mend by the time the final credits rolled.

Seeing what happened with their father and his dad, both Evan and Hank seem determined to not let the same thing happen to them. After last week’s tiff about Paige, Hank is now fully on board with Evan proposing to her. But now I really want to know what her big secret is.

My favorite bits…

Grandpa ordering Eddie to answer the officer about Shaw’s whereabouts. Interesting to see that, even at Eddie’s age, he still follows his father’s orders.

Boris asking how much rest his son needed. Aw, so sweet to see him bonding with the baby already.

Divya declaring that the chaos had passed…right before they wheeled Jill in.

Hank hesitating over calling Ted ‘Grandpa.’ Ouch.

The little smile that Evan gave when Hank asked him what his “plan” was.

“You like horses?”
“I had something a little less gamey in mind.”

Wondering when someone was going to tell Hank about Jill.

Evan admitting his relief to be watching horses and not snacking on them.

Hank wanting to come home to be there for Boris’ baby and of course for Jill.

Jill pulling her own tube out. Whoa!

“My dad’s not too good at taking no for an answer. It’s one of his best qualities.”

Ted joking about serving a fantastic stallion parmesan. LOL!

Ted referring to Hank and Evan’s mother as “that woman you knocked up”? – Seriously? Okay, starting to get why Eddie took off.

Hank going after his dad and Evan standing up to his grandfather and telling him that his grandsons were pretty awesome and it sucked he wasn’t going to get to know them. Yeah!

Jill and Divya discussing how many calls Hank put in about her.

Eddie finally admitting why he left Hank, Evan and their mother when she was sick.

Holy cow! How many times can poor Shaw go through some sort of crisis? I really thought Hank was gonna lose him that time.

Shaw telling Hank that he was one up on his father after saving his life twice..

Yay! Jill is okay!

Jill saying that staying with her family would guarantee all of those symptoms. LOL, yeah I can believe that.

Evan scaring the crap out of Hank while he was sleeping on the lounge. Poor guy.

Eddie bringing Shaw’s little girl to see him. So many aw moments in this episode.

Ted and Eddie shaking hands.

Evan’s reaction to finding out they had a great uncle who was a doctor and Hank nudging Evan when they found out they had another one who was also a business man, like he was.

Ted asking the boys to call him Grandpa. Awww.

Really digging that coral tee on Hank.

Hank telling Evan that he didn’t want to wake up one morning to discover he’d gone 40 yrs without talking to his brother.

Evan asking if Hank wanted to attempt an awkward car hug. LOL.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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