MELISSA & JOEY “Toledo’s Next Top Model” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Toledo's Next Model"

MELISSA & JOEY “Toledo’s Next Top Model” Season 1 Episode 17 – On this week’s episode of MELISSA & JOEY Lennox is pegged as Toledo’s Next Top Model which makes Mel nervous given her own personal encounter with a shady fake agency as a teen and Ryder gets love advice from Joey. What could go wrong?

It is understandable that Mel would have concerns about the legitimacy of a modeling agent who approaches a teenage girl in the bathroom of a mall. Sketchy. Even worse, she took pictures of her there. Setting that aside, however, the real crux of the problem was that modeling while wearing real fur went against Lennox’s principles. I think Lennox showed real character and conviction in this storyline. It was refreshing to see her do something that was less whiny moody teenager and more to the unique person she is, even if she did have dreams of getting a Mini Cooper and a floating animal sanctuary.

As for Ryder, Joey’s love coaching backfired when it worked too well. Holly may be Mel’s dream gal because she is “fiesty”, but I would consider her more bitchy. Why she even wanted to be with Ryder aside from the ability to boss him around is beyond me. However, this storyline brought out the best lines this week including:

“You look like Taylor Swift’s prettier sister, but prettier.”

“It will still have olive poo on it.”

“It is shiny because it is greasy.”

Then there was Ryder’s fear of eating the pizza the next day for breakfast because Holly would just “know” he ate it and be mad. Or how Holly has an approved list of friends for Ryder. I also loved how Mel had named her dream home spa oasis “Tara.” I think it shows a side of her we do not see very often, the dreamy romantic “Frankly, I don’t give a damn” Scarlett O’Hara side.

What did you think about this week’s episode of Melissa & Joey? Did you like that it was more focused on the children for plot? It was refreshing to have an episode that did not involve the romantic dealing of Joe or Mel for once. Tell us what you think down below in the comments.

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