MASTERCHEF “Top 9 Compete” Review

MASTERCHEF “Top 9 Compete” Season 2, Episode 13 – This week’s MasterChef Mystery Box challenge featured another seafood surprise that had most of the contestants groaning about Christian, aka “The Fish Guy,” getting another chance at landing the top spot with his seafood cooking skills. They weren’t wrong to be intimidated, Christian’s scallop dish landed him in the top three alongside Adrien and Ben.

I, like a few of the contestants tonight, had never seen a scallop still in its shell and I enjoyed watching the contestants attempt to shuck the scallop using whatever methods they could imagine. Ben’s risky scallops on a bed of roasted bananas was well received, and Christian’s dish received only a few minor critiques from the judges, but Adrien came out on top with his three variations of the scallop dish.

Adrien’s winning dish gave him the advantage in the MasterChef Elimination Challenge which allowed him to assign different cuts of pork to the other contestants. He assigned the most obscure cuts to his fiercest competition and for the most part, his plan backfired. Christian’s pork cheek dish and Ben’s pork butt chili were among the judges’ favorite dishes.

Speaking of Ben, I’m about ready to join a Ben Star fan club. That guy is just so sweet, goofy and totally genuine. I can’t get enough of his facial expressions and the excitement with which he approaches everything he’s had to do on MasterChef. It was smart of him to attempt to pick out the beans he thought were undercooked and I think the judges appreciated that he was up front and aware of his error even if they didn’t notice it when they tasted his dish.

Suzy was assigned the pork belly and while it may have been a difficult cut of pork to cook, she unfairly shifted the blame for her poor performance onto Adrien’s assignment. From what I could tell, both Chef Ramsay and Chef Bastianich were appalled by the sauce in her dish. They made no mention of how the meat was cooked, but criticized her for the way she used spices to flavor the sauce on her dish. Adrien may have given her a difficult cut to work with, but she is the only one responsible for the flavors in her dish and she deserved to be in the bottom two.

I was sad to see Alejandra go home, but her raw pork presentation was too glaring of an error at this point in the game. She seemed to handle the elimination rather well and at least she won’t have to deal with Chef Bastianich picking on her anymore. The top spots went to Christian and Christine who will be the team leaders in the next episode. Those two have some of the hottest tempers in the MasterChef kitchen so I have no doubt that the next challenge will be filled with a lot of high stress drama.