HELL’S KITCHEN “14 Chefs Compete” Review

HELL'S KITCHEN 14 Chefs Compete Season 9 Episode 4

HELL’S KITCHEN “14 Chefs Compete” Season 9 Episode 4 – After the surprise elimination of Amanda in last week’s episode, this week provided even more cattiness, shrieking and drama than ever before as Elise ups her role as kitchen dictator persecuting the incompetent Carrie. There’s no doubt that Carrie does not deserve to be in the kitchen, but Elise’s personality is seriously overshadowing any cooking skills she might have. And let’s face it, she has skills.

The competition of the week is a two parter, the first involving chicken catching. I found this bit particularly amusing as I literally had just returned from my uncle’s farm after spending a few hours filling up chicken houses. Cute as they may be when they go in, they’re ugly as hell when they come out. And they stink. I have no sympathies for the chickens, even when they were body slammed by Natalie and Chino.

The second part of the challenge required the teams to split into four groups and cook up the chicken in four different ways. Carrie, of course, screws up her fried chicken and it turns out raw. It’s Natalie versus Elise in the final showdown as they try to impress the editors of People and Entertainment Weekly, and Elise edges out with the red team’s first win (taking full credit for the meal, throwing Elizabeth, her partner, to the dogs). While the red team go go-carting, the blue team have to prepare chicken (which, let’s face it, is one of the less harsh punishment of the season). The blue team decide to utilize their time by brushing up on the menu, and so begins a hilarious and horrifying segment when Chino, fake cooking, keeps asking for more time. His team mates are horrified. This guy can’t even fake cook!

Dinner in Hell’s Kitchen is serving up meals to two Olympic gold medallists and champion volleyball players. I’m sorry, but complaining that your Caesar salad is saturated with dressing? Are you kidding me? Even if it is, it’s a freakin’ Caesar salad! Eat the thing and stop whining!

It’s Chino and Elise who seriously mess up the routines in both kitchens, sending out raw plate after overcooked plate after raw plate, and Ramsay eventually calls it quits and sends both teams packing. Chino attacks Natalie for making him look bad, and she starts crying and tells him that she would never sabotage her own team. It’s like a reception at Buckingham Palace compared to what’s going on with the red team, as Elise threatens to do a whale from Pinnochio and swallow her team up whole.

By far and away, these were the best eliminations as Monteray and Chino are sent forward by the blue team and the red team sends forth Carrie and Elise. The blue team’s offerings are dignified: they all know that Chino is their biggest liability, and they know that Ramsay knows too. There’s no shrieking or throwing anyone under a bus. By comparison, Elise is about to bite someone’s nose off and the tells Ramsay that if he were to ask her team, they would all send Carrie home over her. Ramsay does indeed ask: and with the exception of Elizabeth, every single person, even Natalie who was only on her team for two weeks, informs him that they want Elise outta there.

Ramsay justifiably sends home Chino, ending one of the most exciting elimination rounds I can remember in a while. Of course he keeps Carrie and Elise around for the drama. I just hope that Carrie and Elise don’t outlast any of my favorites-though really, that’s the fun of this show, isn’t it?

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