FRANKLIN & BASH “Bachelor Party” Review

FRANKLIN & BASH Bachelor Party Episode 9

FRANKLIN & BASH “Bachelor Party” Episode 9 – I know, I know. All anyone is saying about this episode is that “Zach” and “Dawson” were in it, but since I never watched either of those shows (*pauses to duck rotten fruit being thrown at her head*), I’m just going to have to apologize up front for not joining in with the fangirl screaming.

Instead I’m going to concentrate on what a great episode this was and how much I enjoyed the whole storyline of Peter having to defend the fiancé of his ex-girlfriend. He can deny it all he wants but we know he still has feelings for Janie and I can’t imagine this was easy for him. But in true Franklin & Bash style, once Peter’s on the case he doesn’t give up until he’s won. Not only that but when it’s all over he even goes so far as to give Nathan a pep talk to get him over the pre-wedding jitters he’s feeling. Just goes to show that under all the silliness, there’s a big heart there.

Meanwhile Jared has to go back to school. Well, sort of. He gets a case with a teacher who got seduced by a student and with the help of his vast knowledge of porn (who knew that would come in handy?), plus a few other tricks up his sleeve, he manages to get the teacher off and even asks her out on a date. So it’s a win win for everyone.

My favorite bits…

Peter and Jared arguing over the “incidental contact” on the escalator handrail. Contact or not, 7 seconds to run up the down escalator is pretty darn fast in my book.

“Clearly Janie has a type, look at you guys.” – Haha! He’s so right.

Jared running off like a little bunny when Peter reminded him that he did indeed have a meeting right then.

Jared calling Karp ‘Karp Cougar Mellancamp.’ – He can make fun all he wants but I gotta say, I’m liking Karp in jeans and without the tie.

A hooker AND a fire? Wow, sounds like Nathan had one heck of a bachelor party.

Jared asking if Nathan had gotten the Disney party package. Har.

Peter catching the “victim” in a lie about knowing the teacher.

Jared’s little jealous tirade after Peter walked out to meet Nathan.

“Someone’s jealous.”
“Someone’s annoying.”

Peter’s drunken declaration of “that’s my mom” as Janie walked out of the party.

Finding out that Karp dressed up as Judge Wapner for Halloween.

OMG it’s Q!

Finding out that Jared’s cheerleader carwash involved cheerleaders and washing, but no cars. You gotta admit, it is pretty brilliant.

Jared catching the kid plagiarizing a porno. Why am I not surprised by that?

“Suddenly all the kids who laughed at your Quantum Leap book bag are hanging on your every word.” – Wait. He had one of those, too??

Peter announcing that he was Jared’s bitch. LOL!

Peter’s reaction to Nathan admitting that he and Janie were abstaining from sex for 6 months before their wedding. I thought he was going to bust something for a minute there.

Jared using ‘Grease’ as part of his defense.

Peter whispering “Trust me” to Janie before putting her on the stand.

Peter taking advantage of having Janie under oath to ask her a question that I’m sure most men would like to ask at least a few women.

Peter leading the jury in a round of applause for the staying power of the john in question.

Peter telling Nathan that Janie was his. Aw.

Nathan going in for a double man hug with Peter.

Jared taking Peter up on his offer for a hug. Wow, lots of man hugs going on in this episode.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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