WHITE COLLAR “As You Were” Review

White Collar (USA) As You Were

WHITE COLLAR “As You Were” Season 3 Episode 8 – When an old friend of Jones gets himself into trouble, the rest of the team doesn’t hesitate to jump in and help out. Nor do they miss the longing glances between him and his old flame, but I was happy to see that he didn’t do more than kiss her. I think I might’ve lost a little respect for him had he slept with his friend’s wife. It was great to see a bit more of Jones in this episode and he, like Neal, certainly did look mighty nice in those dress whites.

Meanwhile things are really shaking up in Neal’s life. Once Sara sees what Neal is hiding she does something I didn’t expect and breaks up with him on the spot. I mean I get it but I guess I figured there’d be a lot more soul searching from her than that. Not that I’m convinced she won’t be back though.

With Sara gone, it seems like Neal is ready to go for broke. I was wondering how far he was going to take this whole thing, but I wasn’t quite ready for him to break into Peter’s house. But then Peter takes a minute to call Neal while he’s on the stakeout, letting him know that he’s there for him whenever he needs to talk, telling him he deserves some happiness and wanted to do whatever he could to help with that. Wow, just wow. Talk about an amazing moment between those two. Um, show? If you wanted to stab me in the heart, could you maybe use a sharper knife next time? Cuz this one is kinda dull and hurts a bit. Just sayin’…

My favorite bits..

Poor Sara looking so devastated as she looked at Neal’s secret.

Peter cheerfully admitting that he does indeed like poking Neal with sticks.

What’s this? Jones getting his own rockin’ soundtrack and a mystery at home? Cool!

Holy cow, that was one heck of a fight. Go Jones!

I’m with Neal. Cryptic postcards from old friends *definitely* mean trouble.

CJ? Almost married? Interesting.

CJ..erm I mean Jones forgetting Peter’s name for a second there. Ha! Methinks there may be some feelings still there for Isabelle.

Neal immediately defending himself and claiming he was never in that mine, before realizing that Peter just wanted info from him about it.

Peter talking about how a thief will make a mistake, while Neal was recording him with his phone so he could have Mozz read his lips. Just who was making the mistake there?

Jones in his dress whites.

“Do you have eyes on Isabelle?”
“Good Lord Almighty”
“I’ll take that as an affirmative.”

Peter admitting to Diana that he’d be relieved if it turned out that the artwork wasn’t out there.

“I’m a criminal. We keep odd hours.”

Ha! So much for Neal sneaking in to get a peek at the manifest. Not so easy with Peter sitting there at his desk.

“Do you always presume guilt?”
“Guilty people do guilty things. Am I wrong?”

Peter and Neal walking through the case, Peter announcing they were good at it once they were done and Neal agreeing. Aw.

“You can never get enough band candy.” – I can’t agree more. I used to love those darn chocolate bars.

Ooooh..sneaky Neal sneaking into Peter’s office and snagging his key.

“Oh, I do the dirty work?”
“I have to smile into their faces, that work is plenty dirty my friend.”

Not having to worry about money and doing something that’s meaningful surrounded by people he cares about? Um yeah, I’m with Jones cuz that is *precisely* the life that Neal has. So I must wonder again…why is he planning this heist?

Ooh.naughty Jones, kissing a married woman.

Peter ordering everyone to put their pencils down and to ignore Neal admitting that he impersonated an officer in the Royal Navy. LOL.

So cruel! Just a tease of shirtless Neal.

Alright so I’m willing to forgive the shirtless Neal tease because they followed it up with him in those dress whites..um, is it hot in here? *fans self furiously*

A crossbow with a laser site? This dude is not messing around.

Neal outrunning the arrow, despite the laser, not just once, but twice. So. Freaking. Awesome!

Jones saving the day. YES!!

“I’ll do it.”
“What? Pound his thumb?”

Was that a smidge of guilt I saw flash across Neal’s face when Peter left him to go do the stakeout?

“Oh, it’s nothing. I know a guy who blackmailed a guy. Something about spandex. I don’t ask questions.”

Satchmo giving Neal a dirty look as he broke into the safe. Good boy!

Neal spotting the picture that Peter had on his dresse.

Peter calling to check in on Neal about Sara. All together now…AWWW!

Neal lying to Mozzie about the manifest.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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