WEEDS “Fingers Only Meat Banquet” Review

WEEDS “Fingers Only Meat Banquet” Season 7 Episode 5 – When Jill calls with the date set for a custody hearing, Nancy drags Silas across the country to act as her character witness, only to find out that she’s been played. Whilst other shows might handle this turn of events with melodrama, Weeds, typically, stays far away from its characters-sometimes too far, I think-for the emotional impact. This opposition to angst and phony melodrama is one of Weeds‘ greatest assets and it’s one of the things I love best about the show. Do I wish that we got a little more emotion? Sure. I think Weeds has ‘earned’ it at this stage, and seeing Silas telling the judge that Nancy isn’t the world’s greatest mother but she’s not half bad at the same time was a situation which could have really been a “moment” for the show. Unfortunately it wasn’t-that moment came just a few minutes later, and it was a total laugh out loud, punch the air kinda thing.

Weeds can definitely have those “moments”. In fact I think the entire sixth season finale was grand, emotional on a scale like I’d never seen on the show, and left me wrecked by the end: because at that point I truly had thought the show was over and I really thought Nancy was a goner and I really did think that this was the last her sons would ever see of her and it was heartbreaking to think that her relationship with Silas was and forever would be ruptured. Then the cops turned up outside.

I’m not sure where Weeds is going with Heylia’s return, but I totally dig the direction. This was the first episode of this series where I think, for me, things just clicked. I completely got the rhythm of the show, I got the slow comedic build ups which led to absurd little moments and I was really able to enjoy every aspect, from the hilarious argument over the speaker phone thing to Andy slipping off the weird slippy chairs to Heylia’s “hell no!” intro, this episode just really rocked my socks.

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