WAREHOUSE 13 “Love Sick” Review

WAREHOUSE 13 "Love Sick" Season 3 Episode 3 (3)

WAREHOUSE 13 “Love Sick” Season 3 Episode 3 – This week on SyFy’s WAREHOUSE 13, the agents are searching for an artifact that is busy turning people into clay. Yep, you heard me. Clay.

Not only do we see Vanessa return, but she and Artie end up seeing each other again. With the case open in front of them, Dr. Vanessa tells Artie that she enjoyed their walk, and would like to do dinner – after they figure out what happened.

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, Pete and Myka wake up together. In bed. Naked. Myka is blonde, and naturally the pair freak out. They have no recollection of what happened, how they got into bed, or if they slept together.

Hilarity ensues as they attempt to retrace their steps and also find the missing Steve. Which… well, they do. But he’s currently indisposed. In bronze.

Back on the case, another patient is brought in with similar symptoms. Vanessa and Artie check out DNA samples, when Artie find a pattern – one that looks like a computer virus. He calls in his old pal Hugo Miller to help with the computer virus.

Turns out, of course, that it’s a rouge artifact that needs to be found. He and Claudia track the virus to an electronic store where a creepy kid has been hacking into people’s computers and unleashing this strange virus.

Long story short, he ends up infecting the entire store (including Vanessa, Hugo, and Arite) and it’s up to Claudia to find the artifact – which follows the Jewish myth of Golem.

“Love Sick” was hilarious. As Myka and Pete were retracing their steps of the night before we got to see the two play off of each other, and just be downright silly. It was highly enjoyable. Especially when Myka started in on Jinx. Poor kid, he just wanted to do a little ray gun target practice!

Warehouse 13 continues to step it up in their third season, and anyone that enjoys sci-fi, great writing, and fun characters should be watching!

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