THE BIG C “Cats And Dogs” Review

THE BIG C “Cats And Dogs” Season 2 Episode 5 – This is the second Showtime show which, for me, fell into a rhythm which I could really appreciate (the other being Weeds). As Paul deals with his latest unemployment status and Cathy and Lee bond over pawn shops and Buddha, Adam orders a stripper and Sean tries to sell his hand made baby holders to mothers at a park.

This episode was a light hearted affair, from Lee’s revelation that he was gay (and Cathy’s self-deprecating reaction) to Sean trying to barter with the stripper Adam was unable to afford. It certainly was not comedic (and how I hate the box these shows are labelled) but it was a light hearted drama, you could say.

After pawning off a bunch of jewellery, Lee and Cathy are held up at gun point (or by fingerpoint, who knows since the weapon was concealed in the would be mugger’s coat pocket) and, threatened with death, she immediately cracks up laughing, which is about the most absurd reaction one could have in such a situation. Lee (really charmingly played by Hugh Dancy) and Cathy bond over wine and their situations, at last reflecting that when they go, they don’t want to feel desolate. It’s a really poignant moment which offers a brief glimpse of how good this show could just be.

Sean’s storylines have gotten markedly better. Yes, it’s wrong, I know, but it’s always funny to see someone steal a doll from a kid. Kicked out of the park, his true time to shine came when he acted as his nephew’s attorney, threatening the stripper to lower her price or risk getting charged with statutory rape. Meanwhile, Adam continues his spiral downwards: his girlfriend, still oblivious that he had sex with another girl, wants to wait. Adam’s frustration of regular teen life crap mixed with his mother’s cancer makes for one very unhappy, very frustrated, very combustible boy.

I’m always a huge fan of seeing relationships actually develop onscreen. The will-they, won’t-they is a tired cliché, and seeing Paul and Cathy struggle together is heartening for the show’s future.

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