TEEN WOLF “Wolf’s Bane” Review

Teen Wolf (MTV)-Episode 9-Wolfs Bane

TEEN WOLF “Wolf’s Bane” Season 1 Episode 9 – My mind is reeling! So many story points are revealed in tonight’s TEEN WOLF. Now the show can move beyond the confines of high school life and further delve into the family background and werewolf history, thereby expanding possible plot and story lines. “Wolf’s Bane” is funny and exciting, but also borders on confusing with the number of surprise elements introduced.

I wonder how Laura knew to look for a Harris – the right one being the chemistry teacher who was obliging when someone asks how to set a house on fire and dissolve a dead body. Okay…

Laura also knew about the logo on Allison’s necklace. I thought it was just the Argent family’s coat of arms. So the woman talking to Harris was Kate; did she set the fire? Was there a point to mentioning that Argent means silver (a highly lethal element to werewolves)? Didn’t we already know that the Argent family hunts werewolves to death?

Jackson’s hallucinations are rather random and often seem unnecessary, used just for graphic effect. Yes, effective for this purpose but slightly disorienting. Plus I think Colton Haynes has done a good job depicting a change in attitude and behavior after being pierced by werewolf. And there have been numerous hints about him having metaphysical connections to Derek.

Please, who is going to let a stranger use a hospital computer? How exactly does Jackson know what Scott is by looking at a wolfsbane search for two seconds? Even Stiles had to do more research before concluding that Scott was turning into a werewolf.

Jackson dumps Lydia. Understandable why he does, but now he adds jerk to his title of arrogant. Lydia has been superfluous during the season thus far.

Will Jackson get what he wants – to be turned into a werewolf? Obviously he doesn’t entirely know what it means to become a werewolf. I think he’s an idiot, wanting something based on the desire for power and visions of being the best at everything.

I’m not sure why Derek is always over the top mean to Stiles. But I continue to love the dynamic between the two guys. They crack me up! The one-liners, the glares and the slightest flinch are used to full effect.

No fit! Okay, after Stiles christens Derek with the name of Miguel and makes him go through the fashion show, I can see why Derek has little love for Stiles. Still it’s impressive that they can even make abuse funny (Derek banging Stiles’ head on the steering wheel – “You know what you did!”).

Allison is suffering from PTSD after being trapped in the school. Her fear is a convenient way to introduce her to the family business.

Uncle Peter, who is no longer scarred, is the Alpha!!??

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