SWITCHED AT BIRTH “Pandora’s Box” Review

SWITCHED AT BIRTH (ABC Family) - Pandora's Box Episode 8 (9)

SWITCHED AT BIRTH “Pandora’s Box” Season 1 Episode 8 – “I knew.” And with these two words, SWITCHED AT BIRTH takes on a completely different direction. Besides the hormonally-charged kissing, “Pandora’s Box” exposes lies, blame and guilt. The anger and feelings that are directed at Regina from all sides isolate not only her, but the others as well. Bay, Daphne and Kathryn/John are experiencing emotions that are unique to each of them. Bay feels abandoned by Regina. Daphne feels betrayed by her; and has the additional burden of knowing that Angelo left because of her (indirectly at least). Kathryn and John feel cheated out of their time with Daphne. Constance Marie, LeClerc and Marano give good, strong performances, handling the emotional scenes with restraint but effectively conveying the pain they each feel. It will be interesting to see how the characters evolve and how their relationships change after this episode.

Is everyone’s indignation misplaced? Are there feelings toward Regina just an extension of what they were already feeling, but now have been confirmed? I don’t really know what to think. She was wrong not to reveal the truth, especially to the Kennishes, but her fear that Daphne would be taken away was a valid one. Daphne probably would have been taken from her, in light of Regina’s alcoholism and related troubles. I think the fact that Regina considered Daphne her own child and raised her as such counts for something.

Daphne’s emphatic stamp of the foot is petulant and perfectly timed in the scene where she confronts Regina.

Bay’s diatribe is a pretty good summary of my thoughts. What about her feelings for Ty? What about Emmett’s feelings for Daphne (that board of photos was more a shrine than a hobby)? And last week Daphne brought up Emmett’s aversion to relationships with hearing people. Has he already changed his opinion in such a short time period?

Emmett doesn’t think that he needs to speak. Whose side is Emmett on? I’m still not convinced about his good intentions. He is straddling a fine line “supporting” the two girls.

Wilke is another question mark. He is certainly nice, but also trouble in the making. Emmett’s bad to worse label has pegged Wilke as no good. I like him though. And Daphne has fun with him.

In the meantime, Bay is trying to find her anchor, someone who really cares. “If he did [get me pregnant], could I talk to him?”

Toby has the unique position of being able to be more or less impartial. I’m sure that his comments to Regina keep her from experiencing complete despair. After all she must be torn about her own actions after the backlash, though she states otherwise.

Kathryn seems far too calm and rational in all of this. Yet at this point, the question of fault seems like a moot point. They have to figure out how to move on and deal with the accusations.

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