RIZZOLI & ISLES “Sailor Man” Review

RIZZOLI & ISLES (TNT) Sailor Man Season 2 Episode 3

RIZZOLI & ISLES “Sailor Man” Season 2 Episode 3 – It’s Fleet Week and after a woman is found beaten to death behind their favorite bar, the team is on the hunt for a murderer with thousands of suspects running around the city. But much as I predicted when I saw the preview, the killer turns out not to be a sailor but just a scumbag posing as one.

Adding to the fun, the girls also find themselves lusting after..erm I mean interested in the same guy. The argument is moot though when Giovanni makes his own decision and comes after Maura. But she soon realizes that she may not have won after all when he turns out to be a world class bonehead. Then they try various and assorted ways to get rid of him until finally resorting to claiming themselves as lovers to keep him away.

Meanwhile, we find out a little bit more about Frost in this episode, learning that his father is a Navy Admiral and pretty much abandoned him and his mother when he was a kid. Plus there’s Angela, who now has a job at the café where the cops hang out. All of these characters are so much fun, I’m enjoying all the little extra moments with them, especially Korsak and Frost this week.

My favorite bits..

Maura flirting with all the sailors. Not that I blame her of course..

“We’re gonna push? Oh, good thing I wore my wedges.” – Yeah cuz apparently those are Maura’s “sensible shoes.”

I have no idea what Maura was talking about when she mentioned Giovanni’s anatomy, but it sounded hot.

Jane totally trying to call dibs on Giovanni. LOL.

Maura and Korsak demonstrating the famous sailor kiss. So cute.

Predicting that Jane’s mom was going to be working at the café by the end of the episode.

Jane coming up with the fake story about a boyfriend…until she found out that he was there to see Maura. Ooopsie.

“You like Italian?” “I love Italians.” – Best slip of the tongue ever.

Finding out that Frost’s dad was a Navy Admiral.

Frost telling his dad that his badge outranked his star. Whoa.

Jane telling the girl in the coma that they were going to keep her safe.

Jane’s mom having the best Aurocorrect ever. Hahaha!

Jane getting the call that the girl had died. Broke my heart.

“All I wanna do is get you naked and lick your face.” – That’s some serious romance right there.

Predicting that their killer is not a sailor, but a guy dressed up as one. Anyone else with me?

Aha! I knew it! Angela working at the café is going to be great. I love Lorraine Bracco.

Jane’s plan to turn off Giovanni backfiring when they found out he actually liked what Maura did for a living.

Aha! I knew it again! Sailor is not a sailor. I’m on a roll this ep.

Oh yeah right, like Frankie is really gonna just sit in the car & do nothing while their suspect is running away.

Frankie figuring out a way to help and still follow his sister’s orders. Brilliant.

Korsak telling Frost that he was a great detective. Aw. Really enjoying the little moments between these two.

Jane and Maura trying to Giovanni that they were LLBFF’s. LOL! Well that’s one way to get rid of him.

What did you think of this episode of Rizzoli & Isles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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