HELL’S KITCHEN “15 Chefs Compete” Review

HELL'S KITCHEN Season 9 Episode 3

HELL’S KITCHEN “15 Chefs Compete” Season 9 Episode 3 – It’s the second of a double bill of Gordon Ramsay’s show, and the ladies have to decide which of their team mates to send over to the men’s team, the ladies do a quick study of Sun Tsu and send Carrie out for the chopping block, simultaneously eliminating their weakest leak whilst providing the guys with a serious hazard. They also distance Elise and Carrie, two women who have brought much unneeded drama to the kitchen. But Ramsay anticipates their play and is having none of it and in a surprise move he sends Natalie over to cook with the boys.

It’s truly a fascinating study of human psychology under pressure and whilst working in teams. The competition is making lunch for a restaurant of screaming kids and their mothers, and with Natalie providing some much needed organizational skills, the blue team is suddenly a slick, well oiled machine while the red team, having lost one of their stars and kept Carrie and Elise, who are now hellbent on mowing each other down-or rather, I should say that Elise is hellbent on mowing Carrie down. Sweet peas, can that woman yell!

For the third episode going, the blue team win the competition. Ramsay, sensing how lame the prize might sound, instead sends them off mysteriously to change while the red team have to contend with a major clean up operation. The blue team are treated to a medieval tourney and sword fighting lessons, which I have to say looks freaking awesome! After complaining that they don’t need one of the women to help them out, the guys are unanimous in their agreement that Natalie totally saved their asses.

She repeats her performance at dinner, and the only bit of controversy from her performance the editing is able to cut is moment when her Wellington was a bit slow coming out-but when it came out, Ramsay declared it perfect. Meanwhile Chino, once again, seriously lets down the blue team when he’s assigned to the tables, but his illegible handwriting is nothing compared to the war being waged over on the red side of the kitchen, where Elise is screaming and looking for blood as Amanda screws up an order, gets completely frazzled, and Carrie proves to be a serious detriment at the meat station.

Ramsay is furious and he sends the red team packing while the blue team are left to fill in their orders. Dignity restored, the blue team for the first time are completely safe as the red team stand trial.

Elimination time, Elise and Carrie got at it, and Krupa acts as moderator. Eventually Ramsay calls Jennifer, Amanda and Carrie down for the chopping board…and it’s a huge shocker. Amanda is sent packing. I figure it must be because Carrie provides some of the contention which television execs want. Ramsay says it’s because Amanda waved the white flag. Either way, it means another hour of bitchiness between Elise and Carrie. Bring earplugs.

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