LEVERAGE “The Hot Potato” Review

LEVERAGE The Hot Potato Job Season 4 Episode 5

LEVERAGE “The Hot Potato Job” Season 4 Episode 5 – When a brilliant young scientist’s research is stolen by a big company looking to make big profits, the Leverage crew are called in to rectify this wrong and save the lives of millions of people who could benefit from the advantages of this multi-vitamin potato.

It’s the usual cheerful and zippy episode of Leverage. Last week’s episode spent a lot of time with Hardison and Parker, this week brought Sophie and Nathan back to the forefront as Sophie infiltrates the company and sends the insider scoops to Nathan, who, as Nathan does, puts a strategy in place to steal back the potato.

There were a few things I really liked about this episode, and most have to do with the funny scene between Sophie and Hardison and the teasing the latter receives for getting knocked out by the former. As Hardison himself so aptly puts it, Sophie has a “fist like a freight train.”

Where the past few weeks Leverage has broken out of its comfort zone, going from mystery Cluedo to the fantastic period episode of last week’s World War Two era romance, this week saw a return to the standard Leverage arena. I definitely hope that the show keeps taking the risks, because it has paid off, but episodes like this are solid, well constructed affairs where everyone gets a chance to shine and in an ensemble show like this, that can be quite important. I’ve stopped watching the show several times because it had seemed like, in the past, that every episode featured on the same people while my favourites were left in the periphery. When the entire ensemble is utilized, it’s hard to have the same problem.

So Nathan did the planning, Hardison gave some zippy commentary and did some funny grifting work of his own, Parker thieved, Sophie grifted like only Sophie knows how, imitating Eliot to great effect. In the end, the potato was retrieved and the world, for the time being, was saved.

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