LAW & ORDER UK “Crush” Review (ITV)

law order crush

LAW & ORDER UK Season 5 Episode 3 – I’m new to LAW & ORDER UK and this week was the first episode I have seen. Luckily the premise is pretty straight forward – a crime is committed, the case is taken up by two savvy detectives then the prosecution team take over to ensure justice is done. Simples!

Perhaps that’s the problem because the first half of Law & Order UK plays like any other detective show I have ever seen. World weary older detective (Bradley Walsh!?!?) throws in the odd observational wise crack while the young good-looking one charms his way along providing something nice to look at and someone to bounce all the snappy one-liners off.

The easiness with which they dealt with the crime of an Eastern European call girl being brutally murdered was typically light hearted commenting on the quality of her underwear rather than the knife mark in her back. They then investigate by, among other things, going to a book shop and shaking some books. Luckily they stumbled across another clue and the investigation trundled on.

If the programme was as one dimensional as this I would have quickly lost interest. Law & Order UK improves significantly when the law element is introduced. The characters seem more realistic and interesting, the actors distinctly more dedicated to the role and the overall quality of the episode improved. The ‘twist’ that it was the main suspects jealous wife who bumped off the call girl was telegraphed so obviously I doubt anyone was surprised but the confession scene in the interview room was beautifully played. Maybe Bradley Walsh should pay close attention to the acting because if the rest of the series is as laboured in the first half of every episode I can see that I’ll need the fast forward on the SKY+.

Law & Order UK is a show of two halves. The first was boring, clichéd and dull the second was by comparison layered and well played. Maybe it is a poor example of an over used genre. Do we really need another Police/courtroom drama when there are so many better examples already out there?

What did you think of Law & Order UK? Were you gripped or nodding off? Let me know in the comment box below!

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