DROP DEAD DIVA “Prom” Review

Drop Dead Diva

DROP DEAD DIVA “Prom” Season 3 Episode 5 – Relationships, equality and ‘moving on’ are the themes in this week’s instalment of our favourite peppy lawyer and company. Sometimes you have to know when to let a situation go and move on – and sometimes you have to know when to fight.

Jane finds out her relationship with Bill isn’t exclusive after she answers a call from another woman who’s dating him. She puts on a brave face but she’s not happy with the situation – and a few (lovely) sensible words from Grayson finally convince her to end the relationship with Bill and move on. Meanwhile, Grayson is struggling to deal in the wake of his abandoned wedding to Vanessa. He can’t understand what would make her leave and there’s not much anyone can do to help him work out his issues. Kim tries, though, and the result is a kiss (meant for Vanessa) that manages to sum up both Grayson’s affection for and frustration with Vanessa.

There were two cases this week: Grayson and Kim attempt to build a case against Hank the bailiff’s runaway mail-order bride. It seems hopeless, but a little female intuition from Kim goes a long way and they discover that the marriage was part of a scam. Hank is blue for long – he and Teri seem very friendly by the end of the episode.

Occasionally, Drop Dead Diva pulls a case directly from the headlines. This week was a take on the recent(ish) news stories surrounding gay teen couples who aren’t allowed to go to their prom as couples. Jane takes on the case of a pair of Stacey’s ‘fans’, thinking that a visit to the principal would clear everything up in time for prom. It didn’t. Cue a court case that culminates in the school being ordered to allow the lesbian couple to attend – and the school cancelling prom in response.

The principal does eventually agree to let the girls attend prom as a couple, but only if the lawsuit is dropped. They choose to continue the court case for the good of future gay students, and Jane organises their own personal prom party, complete with Stacey and Fred, Teri and Hank, Grayson and Jane herself. And as all four pairs hit the dancefloor, friends of the schoolgirls arrive to join the ‘other BETTER prom’. Happy endings all around – for now.

This was a great episode. The cases and personal relationships all fit together seamlessly, there was a lot of character building, the celebrity guest stars weren’t ridiculously over the top (shallow moment: Lance Bass looked gorgeous) and there were some great little comedic moments, too.

The relationships and dynamics on this show are really well played in this episode: there’s Jane and Bill dealing with those awkward first steps into a relationship. Jane and Grayson, and Grayson and Kim, being supportive friends. Parker attempting to be the big mean boss and instead showing his softer side when he admits that Jane is doing a good job. Stacey and Fred were my favourite twosome this week – they’re so sweet together and it’s nice that while they run into problems, they’re not huge, relationship-ending problems like on a lot of other shows. (How many shows have you watched where the only real relationship woes come from one party cheating?)

I was impressed with the actual prom storyline too. Reading the synopsis before the episode aired, I assumed it would probably be a loud and preachy carbon copy of the Constance Welch situation, but it was actually quite understated. And whilst there was obviously media involvement in the case (we saw Parker doing a to-camera piece), it wasn’t played up as much as it was in real life. The episode focused on two young girls just wanting to share their joy with their friends, and perhaps that is more thought-provoking than anything ‘loud and preachy’ ever could be.

Summary: a thoroughly enjoyable, thoughtful episode. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

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