CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Palestinian Chicken” Review

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episode 73 (season 8, episode 3)

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Palestinian Chicken” Season 8 Episode 3 – The episode tried to be a political satire and succeeded to an extent, largely because despite the episode’s title, or indeed what might have been its central premise, this was not about Israel-Palestine relations, but about American-Israel relations. It was also about very annoying habits and cheating spouses and chicken.

The dinner scene was perfect Curb Your Enthusiasm humor, mixing in Larry’s usual “inappropriate” manners, his own disgruntlement of what is “appropriate” and a brilliant bit of chocolate cake grabbing

Curb Your Enthusiasm is filled with stereotypes, from Larry’s black houseguest to the Jewish identity permeating every episode, so getting upset about the racist portrayal of Palestinians is kinda redundant. It was also kinda the point of the episode, or at least of one aspect of the episode. When Larry and his friends go to a new Palestinian chicken restaurant which has just opened up it causes a stir among his more orthodox friends who decide to protest the new opening of the restaurants’ branch next to a Jewish deli. The episode ends with Larry standing in the middle, caught between chicken and a hot woman and his fellow Jews.

I can’t say I found this a terribly funny episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Nothing, for me at least, reached the heights that the premiere’s tampon gag went in terms of hilarity, and for the most part I trying to grapple the episode’s intentions. For half the episode I did think it was a satire on Palestinian and Israeli relations. But then, around the sex scene, I realized that it was more of a commentary on Jewish identity, which from Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s standpoint, is a far more interesting dilemma: how does a secular person relate to a country and a people defined by its religion? And as far as answering that question, Curb Your Enthusiasm was delightfully ambiguous.

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