TRUE BLOOD “Me and the Devil” Review

TRUE BLOOD "I Hate You, I Love You"

TRUE BLOOD “Me and the Devil” Season 4 Episode 3 – This week I am covering TRUE BLOOD while Sandie reports from Comic Con. Unfortunately, I think she missed one of the best episodes of the season. Hopefully she has it on her DVR. A lot happened in this episode including some major events, but let’s break it down by character:

Tommy – After last week I thought we might be finally rid of Tommy. Apparently that is not the case. Tommy, though, did take care of his parents, permanently. Just when I wondered why Tommy didn’t just shift out of the chains, there he was, attacking Joe Lee and his mother and killing them. I expected him to kill Joe Lee, but not his mother. I don’t think he expected it either. Although I get that he is now without the only family he has ever known, they were never that good to him, so I am not sure why he is so distraught aside from the whole murder angle. Once again, it is Sam to the rescue to help dispose of the bodies. The alligator was very clever.

Arlene and Terry – After finding the words “Baby Not Yours” written on their wall, Terry decides to call in God. God came in the form of the Reverend and his wife, Tara’s mom. Their “exorcism” was down right ludicrous, complete with church hymns. While it kept the baby quiet for one night and made Arlene and Terry feel better, the self lighting matches definitely mean there is more going on. Hopefully it is not a ghost. Don’t we have enough supernatural beings in this show already?

Eric – Well, he is as adorable as ever. It is always a pleasure to have Godric back although I do not like the evil Godric. How cute was Eric crying over his bad dream and missing Godric? Then there is the kiss. THE kiss. Finally! Unfortunately, it looks like Bill is going to be barging in on that one. Of course.

Bill – Speaking of Bill, how terrifying was he when he found out that Pam knew what had happened to Eric and where he was hiding? Then how betrayed did he look when he found out the location was Sookie’s house? Will Bill be able to forgive Sookie for lying to him? Will Eric forgive Pam for telling Bill where he was? On a side note, I want Pam’s real face back although the line “Oh good. The world needs more beekeepers.” was great.

Jason – Now Jason is having sexy dreams about Jessica since he drank her blood. Leave it to Jason to have sexy dreams that include Hoyt too. How funny was it to see Hoyt on top of him? What do you think will happen next episode when the full moon comes out?

Sookie – The best thing about her this week is that we got her mind reading ability back. It was concerning that it seemed to have disappeared recently. It was pretty amazing to hear Gran speaking to Sookie through Marnie’s head. Marnie needs to disengage from the “protective spirit” before she has even more vampires against her. How intriguing is the possibility of raising the dead and forcing them to walk in the sun? I wondered where they were going with that storyline.

Lafayette – Last but not least, Lafayette and Jesus go to Mexico to visit Jesus’ long lost grandfather that made him kill a goat at 4. Apparently he has been waiting for them. Will he help or make things worse? All I know is Lafayette had the best lines tonight including “Hooker you pissed off another damn vampire and then took a nap!” and “That’s some catchy stuff for your headstone.”

What did you think of this episode of True Blood? Who will win in a fight against Bill and the newly overly protective Eric? What is going to happen with Alcide and the other wolf pack next week? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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