EUREKA “Glimpse” Advance Review

EUREKA Glimpse

EUREKA “Glimpse” Season 4 Episode 13 – Last week we saw Felicia Day’s debut on EUREKA and this week is the return of Wil Wheaton as Dr. Parrish. Eureka has space fever as everyone jockeys for a position on the new Astraeus space mission to Titan. Holly and Fargo work on whittling down the list of applicants, although his intentions are not completely altruistic. To help improve security for the project, Carter and Jo get some new tools to help them keep an eye on things. What they see though could mean the end of Eureka all together.

The return of Dr. Parrish is something all fans of Eureka should cheer. The addition of Wheaton to the cast sets up a really nice interplay between him, Felicia Day, and Neil Grayston. Grayston and Day fit well together in their scenes while Wheaton’s Dr. Parrish is a wonderful nemesis to Fargo. As anyone who’s seen The Guild knows, Day and Wheaton are excellent together onscreen. In this episode we get to learn more about Dr. Parrish including why he despises Fargo, and it should lead to a lot more fun in future episodes.

Though the writing in this weeks episode was good, the real scene stealers were the visual effects. Some of them were already included in the previews for tonight’s episode, but I was still very impressed at the quality and how well it was tied in to the story. Be sure to also check out special guest star Stan Lee who plays a scientist interviewing to be part of the space mission (special bonus points if you can guess what he’s referring to in the interview). It was a nice shout out considering it was Comic Con weekend, and, speaking of Comic Con, make sure you check out some pics of Eureka’s cast attending the con.

Eureka’s new episode, “Glimpse”, airs tonight at 8 PM EDT on SyFy. Check it out and let me know what you thought of the return of Dr. Parrish, Stan Lee’s acting chops, and what is up between Holly and Fargo.

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