THE VENTURE BROS. Comic-Con 2011 Panel

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As usual, the Comic-Con panel for The Venture Bros. was loaded with awesomeness and hilarity. It’s been one of my favorite panels at Comic-Con for the last few years and they never disappoint. Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer and James Urbaniak headed up the panel, moderator-free and chatted about the latest Venture Bros. developments.

Some highlights from the panel:

– Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer and James Urbaniak come out hilariously dressed in their best early 90’s hip hop garb explaining that they were trying to connect with “the younger crowd” as “The V Crew” through references to A Different World.

– They’ve moved to Titmouse, Inc. and have been working on a Venture Bros. special based on the fetishising of their own show.

– They were really into Hank and Dermott’s band and the special grew out of what might basically be a fan video by the makers of the show. Originally it was aa 3 minute music video, but they turned it into a 15 minute entry.

– We got to see a clip from the special, featuring Shallow Gravy (the band) performing the music video for “Jacket” (the song) from the album “From the Ladle to the Grave” as if it were a feature on Behind the Music. The clip said the special would air/be available on August 28. “Jacket” will also be released on iTunes. I’ll be buying it – it was hilarious. They also recorded an acoustic version with an Irish fiddle.

– Expect at least two more seasons of The Venture Bros. They reached an agreement and are writing the new season and are also working on some long form specials. Jackson is quitting smoking – so expect them to be late.

– There will never be Venture Babies.

– Pete White’s voice is Jackson doing an impression of his father. Billy and Pete were intended to be background guys in the pilot, but they were turned into recurring characters with backgrounds.

– They are planning on bringing back major characters that haven’t been featured in a while. And there are at least 7 background characters that continually recur. They also came up with an arch enemy for plug face guy but who knows if he’ll appear in any episodes.

– Doc came up with a new female character. Molotov “died” off screen but Doc insisted that “There are other things to kill besides the corporal body” he said that Brock’s love was been severed in the death… but who knows what that means for Molotov.

– Once again, a fan asked about Kim coming back to The Venture Bros. Doc, Jackson and James came up with a long detailed story about why she would never appear: Kim moved to Florida, got into meth and is now she’s a born again Christian realtor who can’t get out of Florida… long story short – they insist that Kim will never be coming back.

– Doc said that loved Degrassi until it got really confusing and that he still has a weird love and hate relationship with it – specifically Jimmy/Drake issues.

– When asked about the Order of the Triad, they said that would be their first choice for a spin off.

– Doc and Jackson repeatedly insisted that all questions about the show will be answered within the show itself. Including the future of the O.S.I. and S.P.H.I.N.X which should be addressed in the next season.

– When asked about which other rockstars they would like to include in The Guild, they mentioned that they’d love Freddy Mercury to be in the guild – and that they have two others they would love to include if the legal team can get around it.

– They want to have Dr. Venture on screen with a female interest to display the carnal sex of a middle aged man – although that may never actually happen.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what is a big joke and what they’re being totally serious about. Either way, it’s always a lot of fun and if you ever find yourself at Comic-Con, be sure not to miss it.

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