Showtime’s SHAMELESS Comic-Con 2011 Panel

The Shameless panel at Comic-Con 2011 included stars William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, and executive producer John Wells.

Here are the highlights from the panel:

– Season 2 will come back early next year.

– Steve won’t be in the first two episodes, which is how much they have shot so far, but he’s obviously coming back.

– Fiona will have a new love interest this season.

– Joan Cusack (Sheila) will be back in Season 2 and so will Amy Smart (Jasmine).

– Everything in season 2 is original and not taken from the original UK series.

– Season 2 takes place in the summer, which means you should expect some changes to the neighborhood. There isn’t air conditioning around so people hang out outside a lot.

– Lip and Ian are going to spend this new season figuring out what direction they want to go in. Lip will question why he has to go away when he’s happy where he is now. Ian on the other hand wants to get out and move forward, but has a hard time figuring it out because he doesn’t have the talent Lip has.

– There are lots of lose ends that have to tie up this season, but of course new ones will open up.

– “I suddenly realized I don’t know what to do when somebody pees on my head.” -WIlliam H. Macy about his performance in the season finale episode when Lip pees on Frank.

Fun Fact: Carl is modeled on John Wells 10 year-old son.

– “We like to call him Sir William.” -Emmy Rossum about William H. Macy

– William H. Macy share a fun quote from his wife (Desperate Housewives‘ Felicity Huffman): “The only way to get over someone is to get under someone.”

You can find more photos from the panel below.

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