BOB’S BURGERS Comic-Con 2011 Panel

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The Bob’s Burgers Comic-Con panel was one of my absolute favorite panels last year and this year may have been even more fun than the last. Loren Bouchard, Jim Dauterive, Larry Murphy, H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, Dan Mintz and John Roberts all showed up to chat about Bob’s Burgers. With a panel of people who are so incredibly funny and talented, it was like being treated to a live comedy show and it felt like it was over in the blink of an eye.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

– The panel opened with a highlight reel of clips from Season 1.

– Loren and Jim insisted that “they don’t write jokes.” and that they wrap their characters around the actors that they had in mind “a cart pulled by these horses.” The cast hits the story beats, but they improvise around the edges of the story and they try to build something solid for the cast to work around. Later, Loren and the cast added that the writing was incredible and that every joke that lands, was written. Although the actors are encouraged to improvise upon the script, they’re always given a totally refined finished script to work with. The writers and the cast both contribute to the final product we see on TV.

– Treated to an unfinished clip of an upcoming episode, The Belchies which is a play on the Goonies and has the kids looking around in a factory for treasure. Louise gets stuck in the sewer with the taffy man.

– Expect all the secondary characters to return.

AWESOME NEWS! Fox has ordered 9 new scripts for the next season!

– Everyone at the panel got a ticket to pick up a set of Louise pink bunny ears.

– Loren talked briefly about an episode titled Bob Day Afternoon in which Bob is in a position to provide the food to the people dealing with a hostage situation at a nearby bank. This will be the season premiere.

– Expect a synchronized swimming episode.

– Kristen was asked about being the only woman on the cast and said she wouldn’t change anything even if it impedes her ability to air out her lady parts.

– More AWESOME NEWS – the Season 1 DVD is scheduled to be released in January with special features, possibly including John Roberts as Linda talking dirty. Everyone was so funny during the Q&A session, that it was sometimes impossible to tell what they were being serious about and what they were joking about.

– They would love to do a live show together – and would totally do a fan sponsored tour.

– Gene sues Vanilla Ice in an episode (maybe? probably not? once again, Eugene Mirman, may have just made that up on the spot… again.)

– The inspiration behind Louise’s hat will remain a secret… but it may be revealed if episodes continue.

Loved this panel and I’m hoping that next year, they’ll put Bob’s Burgers into a bigger room so that more fans can experience how fun it is to be in a room with that much comedic energy. I left totally pumped and I can’t wait until the next Bob’s Burgers episode!

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