Will Sasha Roiz Ruin Lindsay Wagner and Rene Auberjonois’ Reunion with WAREHOUSE 13?

lindsay wagner-sasha roiz-rene auberjonois

Mark the day on your calendars! On Monday, July 25 at 9PM, Lindsay Wagner, Sasha Roiz and Rene Auberjonois will be guest starring on Syfy’s WAREHOUSE 13. The show follows a team of government agents who work at a massive, top-secret storage facility. The Warehouse’s caretaker, Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek), leads a group as they chase down reports of paranormal activity, searching for new strange objects to be hidden at the Warehouse.

Roiz will play the mysterious and sinister Marcus Diamond.

Wagner returns as Dr. Vanessa Calder, the in-house Warehouse doctor who is responsible for treating the team, and has a romantic connection with Artie.

Also returning this season is Auberjonois as Hugo Miller, a computer genius from decades past in the Warehouse. Artie and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) call Hugo to help them out of a life-threatening situation.

The episode featuring the trio will be titled “Love Sick.” What do you think Marcus Diamond is after – something in the Warehouse?