WILFRED “Respect” Review

WILFRED (FX) Respect Episode 5

WILFRED “Respect” Season 1 Episode 5 – I say this every week (aside from episode four), but yet again, WILFRED is becoming one of my favorite comedies. FX has seemed to perfect the “dark comedy”, and between Wilfred and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it makes me wonder what they’ll come up with next!

But onto Wilfred. This week, Ryan discovers that since he’s quit his job, he’s not doing much with his life. In fact, he’s not doing anything at all, and has no idea what day of the week it is. He decides to volunteer at a hospice much to Wilfred’s distaste. Ryan feels that he’s doing good, but Wilfred calls him out and makes Ryan admit that he’s only volunteering to make himself look better to those around him.

Regardless of Ryan’s reasons, Wilfred ends up being the star of the hospice. According to the hospice director (guest star Rashida Jones from ABC’s Parks and Recreation) discovers that Wilfred has a gift. He knows the next person in the hospice that is ready to die, and decides to stay with them until they pass on. This makes everyone at the hospice feel that Wilfred is invaluable, and makes Ryan a local hero.

What they don’t realize (which Ryan finds out) is that Wilfred very well may be killing the patients to give Ryan what “he wanted”. Of course, Wilfred makes Ryan see the error of his ways, and just when Ryan is about to admit everything that Wilfred has done, the episode seems to wrap itself up.

Again, Wilfred is hilarious. In my reviews I think I always mention the amazing Jason Gann, and this week was no exception. Gann never fails to make me laugh out loud, but I sometimes forget to mention the wonderful Elijah Wood. While Gann is the obvious comedy of the show, Wood also brings his own humor. Through his awkwardness and his interaction with Wilfred, Wood makes Ryan a character that is believable and vulnerable. Not only that, you never question if he is actually seeing Wilfred, or if it’s all in Ryan’s head. It just is what it is!

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