SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE “2 of 10 Voted Off” Review

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE “2 Of 10 Voted Off” Season 8 Episode 17 – It’s time for two of the top ten to head on home in this elimination show. After last night’s phenomenal showcase of dancing talent, it’s time to trim the contestants. Normally, America judges the dancers but this time around they only pick the bottom four and the judges decide who goes home. It’s like they don’t trust public opinion….good. Who the hell knows what would happen if that were the case.

We open up with a big Broadway styled number, gold hats and glittery dresses galore, and it’s entertaining but not exactly the most thrilling number ever.

Cat Deeley – sorry – Emmy nominee Cat Deeley (yay!) opens the show with a confession of teenage love for Doogie Houser. Neil Patrick Harris (one of the best guest judges ever) takes a shot at “other” talent shows’ lame group numbers (coughAmericanIdolcough).

Soon enough we’re down to elimination time. The first three contestants features Mitchell, Melanie and Tadd. Mitchell is up for judgement first (remember, the airplane dance) who, unsurprisingly, gets put immediately into the bottom 4. Choreography can really kill you in the competition.

Melanie is given nothing but praise, (and her clip package is given the slo-mo treatment) and Tadd had the hip hop routine where Nigel claims he out-danced his All Star (Comfort). Neither one of them are in danger of the bottom four.

Marco’s sexy samba saves him for another week. Sasha’s dance with Twitch (the AMAZING breakfast routine) faces up against Clarice with her Bollywood routine which does not impress the audience as much as it did the judges and Sasha is saved and Clarice is in the bottom four. Finally, Ricky heads into the bottom as Jess and Caitlynn sails through to the next round but Jordan is not so lucky.

Damille Simpkin, a ballet dancer from the American Ballet Theatre, gives a weird solo which falls somewhere between a celebration of total four eyed nerdiness and suave French coolness. I love that SYTYCD caters to professional dancers we wouldn’t see in standard pop culture. It’s like seeing Modest Mouse on American Idol.

After another Gatorade segment where the scientist tests their body weight and dexterity and essentially claims that they’re just as fit, if not fitter, than the top football and basketball athletes (duh), Clarice kicks off the solos. She takes on one amazing split after another. Mitchell is up next and his white scarf is, symbolically speaking, not the message you want to show off in a fight to the death.

Dancing on this show can be made or broken by the music selected. Jordan totally ruled the stage and the music she chose was beautiful (a repeat of her Lykke Li solo). Ricky pulls out ever trick in the arsenal of dance.

Blush makes their first tv appearance. I think it was around the part where their backup dancers handed the singers a stuffed puppy dog that I started banging my head against the wall. Snoop Dogg walks out with a microphone that doubles as a knuckle buster and continues on with this stream of bland music.

Mitchell and Clarice step forward and with one fell and merciful swoop, without any of the BS tension-building, Nigel sends both of them home. It’s a pity, but as Nigel said it’s the nature of the competition.

So from ten dancers to eight. Personally, I think they made the right choices, though I would have swapped Mitchell for Jess who wasn’t even in the bottom four. While Ricky doesn’t really get me cheering, I’m glad Jordan didn’t get the boot since her solo dance was really beautiful.

Are you happy with the choices? Sad that your favorite is gone? Sound off in the comments below.

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