ROOKIE BLUE “Stung” Review

ROOKIE BLUE “Stung” Season 2 Episode 5 – Epstein is taken off probation after impressing his superiors by taking down a guy with five outstanding warrants. Inspired by his actions, the squad decide to set up a sting. They set out to call all of the criminals with outstanding warrants under the pretence of a free car giveaway raffle into a garage, take them into the back room and arrest them.

Things go swimmingly at first, but of course when the first suspicious criminal tries to flee and the cops have no choice but to break their cover. This leads to the escape of another criminal, a woman with whom Nash and McNally had been leading on but who was clearly not your standard criminal: played with more frailty than Bambi after his mother was killed (em…spoiler alert) her big crime was not paying her bills. It becomes evident as Nash and McNally track her down that not only is she broke, she’s homeless: the bank claimed her house and now she’s living out of her crappy car.

Now I loved the scene between Nash and McNally as they prepare to question her (“Keep it in your pants, McNally”) but I wasn’t too fond of the explicit way the show drew parallels between this woman in a dire situation, fearful of asking her daughter for help and McNally’s own fears of reconnecting with her mother in time for the wedding. It all seemed rather forced for my tastes, especially since I thought the set up was really good and was going to get into the complications which face police officers: what happens when the perpetrator is someone who needs help? Sure, she’s broken the law, but it’s a victimless crime. It would have been pretty interesting territory to explore, but oh well.

Speaking of the wedding, that may not happen any time soon as Callaghan finally hooks up with his old flame. It wasn’t a surprise, but it was a very good complication in the love triangle (or square, if we throw Swarek in there). On that note, please don’t let Gail and Dov hook up. There were signs of that in this episode, and I really don’t know how I feel….I suppose it would completely depend on how the writers handle it (if it ever comes to fruition).

I did like the bomb squad woman who helped Epstein out of his meth lab bomb scare. I thought they, brief as their onscreen time was, had some nice chemistry. (Though as Behind Enemy Lines taught us, I’m pretty sure landmines or IEDs or trigger bombs or whatever they’re called are sensitive to weight pressure-I also have no idea what the hell it was doing in a meth lab, but never mind.)

I think I like this show more than I should: there were a lot of stupid things going on, but they didn’t both me half as much as seeing something like Shaw gleefully observe the criminals on the monitors or Callaghan hooking up with his ex excited me. This is probably a good thing, since Rookie Blue was just given the go ahead for its third season. Yipee!

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