PSYCH Comic-Con 2011 Panel

Psych Comic-Con 2011 (25)

The Psych panel at Comic-Con 2011 included stars James Roday (Shawn Spencer), Dulé Hill (Burton “Gus” Guster), Maggie Lawson (Juliet O’Hara), Tim Omundson (Carlton Lassiter), Kirsten Nelson (Chief Karen Vick), and Corbin Bernsen (Henry Spencer). The panel also included Steve Franks (creator and executive producer), Kelly Kulchak (executive producer) and Chris Henze (executive producer). The panel was moderated by Psych‘s resident morgue-dweller and fan favorite, Woody the Coroner (acclaimed actor Kurt Fuller).

Here are the highlights from the panel.

– The panel started with a live performance of the theme song with the cast joining in during the second chorus. It was great!

– We also got a sneak peek at what’s coming in Season 6 and let me tell you, it’s looking great!! Lots of great guest stars coming up.

– “He keeps stealing my credit cards.” Dule Hill about what annoys Gus the most about Shawn.

– O’Hara’s relationship with Lassiter has grown now that she’s dating Shawn, said Maggie Lawson.

– “I think she believes whole-heartedly what he [Shawn] says he is.” Maggie Lawson about whether O’Hara actually believes Shawn is a psychic.

– “And he’s Miami, he’s not the real CSI.” Kirsten Nelson responding when someone mentioned working on Adam Rodriguez if she were on CSI.

Hilarious: Kirsten Nelson talking about a fictional CSI case which includes the smell of petunias as clue #1.

– Steve Franks said the musical episode would be the first episode of Season 7.

– Dule Hill is probably the biggest pranster.

– Although there won’t be a new serial killer this season, James Roday and creator Steve Franks teased that there would something towards the end of the season that is creepy. “You will be shocked.”

Psych vs The Mentalist in an episode? “Something tells me The Mentalist‘s not going to want to take the 12 million viewers hit.” said James Roday

– Is Freddie Prinze Jr. coming back? If Freddie Prinze Jr. was able to come back they would make it happen.

– “When the time is right. When there is both a lunar and solar eclipse.” James Roday about joining Twitter.

– We were shown a sneak peek clip showing Lassiter giving Shawn a lie detector test in which Lassiter asks him if he really is a psychic. The cast also teased that the scene will include a remnant of Henry’s training of Shawn.

– Dule’s favorite scene of Psych was when he got to dress up as Michael Jackson.

– “Shawn and Gus need each other, they complete each other.” -Creator/Executive Producer Steve Franks

– James Roday asked “Are there any Clue fans in the audience.” The room erupts in screams. To which he responded “Alright it’s good to know.”

– The panel ended with a short music video/promo of the cast performing “Don’t You Forget About Me” for the new season which premiers in October.

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