DEXTER Comic-Con 2011 Panel

Dexter comic Con 2011 (29)

The Dexter panel at Comic-Con 2011 was a great way to end the day in Ballroom 20. The panel included Michael C. Hall (Dexter/executive producer), C. S. Lee (Masuka), David Zayas (Batista) , guest star Colin Hanks (Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Roswell). Also on the panel were executive producers Sara Colleton and Scott Buck.

Before I get to the highlights, let me start by talking about my favorite part of the panel. Mos Def went in line to ask a question Nathan Fillion-style!* He then proceded to sit down with the rest of the panel. In case you’re wondering, Mos Def, will guest star on this new season of Dexter.

Now on the the highlights from the panel.

Scoop: We finally have a premiere date for Season 6 of Dexter: Sunday, October 2 at 9pm on Showtime.

– In the new season, Dexter has liquidated the house he had with Rita and used the money to expend his homebase. So now he has a little more room and Batistas’ sister is helping him out too.

– Colin Hanks’ character is somehow involved with Edward James Olmos’ character.

– “You will see things this season that you have not season in previous sessions and I may or may not be a part of that.” -Colin Hanks who plays the character of Travis Marshall this upcoming season.

– “Dexter knows what he doesn’t want to pass on to his son, but he doesn’t know what he does.” -Executive producer Sara Colleton

– “It’s very spicy.” -David Zayas on Batistas’ relationship with Maria this season.

– “He’s pretty much unplugged from that relationship [with Lumen].” -Michael C. Hall on the new season which takes place a year after the events of last season.

– Masuka has some interns coming this year, women and men and has some fun with them. Heroes‘ Brea Grant (see our interview) is one of them.

– C.S. Lee wants Masuka to get married.

– The actors don’t really do any improv on the show.

– “I don’t think the show is any kind of manual on how to kill people.” Michael C. Hall on whether he’s worried that some people watching the show might learn how to kill.

– “Deb is really smart, but Dexter’s smarter.” -Executive producer Scott Buck on whether Deb is getting closer to finding out about Dexter.

– “I want to thank my co-stars who take inorganically long pauses for Dexter to have his inner monologue.” -Michael C. Hall

– Mos Def plays the character of Brother Sam, but when asked to expend on it, he said “I could but Dexter would have to kill me.”

– “I didn’t know Dexter was in my future back when I was a funeral director.” Michael C. Hall on what he will be doing after Dexter.

– “In Dexter there always is a flip side desire to make a legitimate connection. If nothing else he connects with his victims. Which is tragic every time because it never lasts.” -Michael C. Hall

– “Everything.” C.S. Lee joking on what are your similar traits to Masuka. He then added “It’s all imagination really.”

– Colin Hanks hasn’t been able to work with Michael C. Hall that much, he’s been having a lot of fun working with Edward James Olmos. Colin Hanks explained some of the fun moments he had with Edward James Olmos:

Edward James Olmos: “You’re gonna win a Gabby.”
Colin Hanks: “What’s a Gabby?”
Edward James Olmos: “I don’t know but you’re gonna win it.”

– We will see Astor and Cody again.

– C.S. Lee thinks that if Masuka ever found out about Dexter, he would laugh and then pass out.

– Mos Def joked “I practice Voodoo” on how he got on the show. But the truth is the creators pitched him a character arc.

– “Stay out of bathtubs” joked Michael C. Hall when a person had a t-shirt with “The Future Mrs Dexter Morgan” printed on it.

* (For those of you who don’t know, last year Nathan Fillion went in line to ask a question to Joss Whedon during his panel and the room of course freaked out when they realized who had made a surprise appearance.)

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