COVERT AFFAIRS Comic-Con 2011 Panel

Covert Affairs Comic-Con 2011 Piper Perabo (14)

For the second Comic-Con 2011 TV panel of the day, we have Covert Affairs with stars Piper Perabo (Annie Walker), Christopher Gorham (Auggie Anderson), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Jai Wilcox), Kari Matchett (Joan Campbell), Anne Dudek (Danielle), Peter Gallagher (Arthur Campbell), and Executive producers Doug Liman, Chris Ord, and Matt Corman. The panel was narrated by Oded Fehr who plays Eyal Lavine in the show.

The panel started with a funny video of Annie being interrogated about going to Comic-Con. Here are some of the highlights from the panel.

Scoop: Heroes‘ Santiago Cabrera (who played Isaac Mendez) will guest star in an upcoming episode.

– Auggie is based on a friend from Chris Ord and Matt Corman who was injured, although he didn’t get blind.

– “You know what I’m proud of, that they decided to use one of my eyebrows for the logo of Comic-Con.” -Peter Gallagher

– Kari Matchett had a lot of fun shooting the courtroom scenes in a previous episode. She likes the fact that as the show goes along, the characters evolve.

– Anne Dudek said that Danielle does have some exciting developments coming. She’s definitely suspecting something.

– Chris Gorham stated that the latest episode where Auggie loses his sight had 136 action shot setups that day which was really unusual.

– Doug Liman said that the actors are tireless so it’s easy to do a lot of action sequences. It’s better to do action sequences on TV because you have an opportunity to get better one episode at a time.

– Piper Perabo is not fluent in any of the languages she speaks on the show.

– Piper Perabo’s favorite place to shoot was Paris.

– Chris Gorham joked that Auggie and Burn Notice‘s Gabrielle Anwar should go on a mission together.

– “Chris if you lost your six pack, could anyone else take it?” -Oded Fehr to Chris Gorham.

– Piper Perabo would love for Game of Thrones‘ Lena Heady (they both starred in the movie Imagine Me & You) to guest star on Covert Affairs. She’s been trying to get the cast of Game of Thrones and Covert Affairs to get together for cocktails.

– We will find out more about Annie and Danielle’s past down the road. “Maybe they’re some secrets in their past.” teased Matt Corman.

– “I gotta say, you make headphones look really good.” -Oded Fehr to Chris Gorham.

– As to why Annie doesn’t carry a weapon, turns out on domestic soil, CIA agents don’t carry a weapon. Even internationally they don’t really carry weapons. You don’t want to spook your assets. Ex-CIA operative Valerie Plame was an advisor on the show and walked them through the protocol.

– “We won’t fix his eyesight but castration is definitely on the table.” Chris Ord responding to a joke that Christopher Gorham made about a question regarding “fixing Auggie.”

– “Jay gets more involved as the season goes on. You’re going to see what Jay is made of and you’re going to see what happens when he doesn’t get what he wants.” teased Sendhil Ramamurthy

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