BURN NOTICE Comic-Con 2011 Panel (With Bruce Campbell)

Burn Notice Bruce Campbell (17) Comic-Con 2011

The first panel at Comic-Con 2011 that I attended was the Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe panel with Bruce Campbell and Burn Notice creator Matt Nix. In case you weren’t aware, Bruce Campbell has a huge following which was present at Comic-Con and once he stepped on stage, the room lit up and cheered. It was time for Bruce Campbell to shine in his element.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

– Bruce started his appearance with a few jokes to warm up the crowd.

Scoop: It’s official! Burn Notice will be back for Season 6.

– “Evil Dead will be remade so shut up about it.” -Bruce Campbell

– “Michael Weston sunglasses sold to people who don’t go out.” -Bruce Campbell

– “Every role has to be some version of you. You can’t escape who you are, the essence of it.” -Bruce Campbell

– “Darker hair, less weight got it. So that’s how I prepared for the role.” -Bruce Campbell about The Fall of Sam Axe.

– They shot 15 1/2 pages on the last day. Please note that the average is usually 4-5 pages a day.

– Bruce Campbell did a great impersonation of Jeffrey Donovan when he asked Bruce if he could direct The Fall of Sam Axe.

– Unfortunately, Jeffrey Donovan couldn’t make the panel because he’s currently shooting Burn Notice.

– “Before I started writing the show I had a writing process, but now it’s just write as fast as you can.” -Matt Nix

Check out more photos from the panel below.

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