SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: Mokibobolink’s Favorite Musical Moments

Supernatural - Heat of the Moment

Let’s face it, one of the reasons we all love SUPERNATURAL is because of its excellent soundtrack. I can’t think of any conversation with any fan about the reasons, we love the show that hasn’t come down to a discussion about the music. Whether you, like me, already knew all of the songs used on the show and was pleasantly surprised to hear them coming out of your tv speakers, or if you’d never heard the songs before and the show taught you a new appreciation for classic rock – we all agree that the music used for Supernatural is badass.

I started out thinking that I would list out my top 5 favorite musical moments, but with a show like this one, 5 picks just won’t do. So I upped it to 10 and even that wasn’t enough so I decided to take it up to 13. Why 13 and not, say, 15? First of all because that’s just how many I happened to have when I paused to count, and secondly because I happen to dig the number 13.

So here we go, my 13 favorite musical moments:

Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas

Supernatural - Carry On Wayward Son

Used in the opening credits of the finale every season since season 2, this song still gives me goosebumps every time I hear the first line.


Renegade by Styx

Supernatural - Renegade

Heard in the final scene of season 2’s Nightshifter, Renegade was the perfect way to describe the boys as they ran from the law..again.

Heat of the Moment by Asia

Supernatural - Heat of the Moment

Used in season 3’s Mystery Spot, this song just added to the comedy that was in an episode about how many unusual ways someone (aka Dean) could get killed.

Rooster by Alice in Chains

Supernatural - Rooster

This song is part of the reason that I started watching Supernatural in the first place. Used in the final scene of season 2’s Folsom Prison Blues, when I heard it I literally said aloud “okay that’s it, I officially love this show” and I haven’t looked back since.

Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Supernatural - Bad Moon Rising

Who can forget the song that played over the final moments of the last episode of the first season? All three Winchester men lay bloody and unconscious after the Impala was totaled by a demon driven semi and we all wondered what would happen and who would survive to see another season.

Oh Death by Jen Titus

Supernatural - Oh Death

The first time I heard this song, it was before Two Minutes To Midnight had even aired. The song was used as part of an ad campaign for the show and as such, the CW gave away free downloads. I’m so glad I snatched it up because this haunting melody has become one of my favorites in my own personal Halloween soundtrack. Not to mention its use in the episode of course.

Rock of Ages by Def Leppard

Supernatural - Rock of Ages

Things are quickly going downhill near the end of Swan Song: Sam said yes to Lucifer and he and Michael (who’s taken up residence inside Adam) are ready for the big showdown. But first Dean has something to say and makes his intentions clear to both angels as he breaks up their pow-wow by driving up in the Impala and playing this song.

Back in Black by AC/DC

Supernatural - Back in Black

First Dean had to get well after the accident but after that we all wanted to see his baby well again, too. So when the episode Bloodlust started with him driving her down the highway with this song cranked, we knew that everything was going to be okay…well at least for a little while.

Miracles by Jefferson Starship

Supernatural - Miracles

I know there may not be too many people who agree with this one but I thought the use of this song in Mommy Dearest was great because it fell in with the whole “Jefferson Starship” theme (since Dean named the unknown monsters that). Also, I thought it was both strange and somehow perfect for the moment we found out that Castiel was working with Crowley.

Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Supernatural - Thunderstruck

There’s just something about the opening songs for Supernatural that get my heart pounding in excitement and nothing did that for me like this song in Sympathy for the Devil.

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Supernatural - Simple Man

This song and the way it was used just made me wanna cry. Sam and Dean go their separate ways and in Free To Be You and Me we watch as they each go about their lives, while still strangely echoing the other’s activities. It was as if the show was trying to prove to us that no matter how far apart they are, the boys are always connected.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan

Supernatural - Knockin on Heavens Door

This song, like many others has been used a couple times, once in Houses of the Holy and once in Dark Side of the Moon. But since it made me cry both times, I’m just going to have to name each scene and call this one a tie.


Alright folks, you know the drill. Now that I’ve named off some of my favorites, I want to hear what you guys have to say. I’m sure y’all are gonna say I missed a ton so feel free to sound off and let me know what your favorite musical moments are.

Also, I have some exciting news! Daemon’s TV is at Comic-Con 2011 this week and I will be sitting down to interview the cast and crew of Supernatural, right before they take the stage for the first time ever in the massive Hall H. Stay tuned for the reports, photos and interviews to come!

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