SUITS Set Interviews With Series Star Rick Hoffman and Executive Producer Doug Liman

SUITS -- Rick Hoffman - "Blogger Set Visit" -- Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

A few weeks ago I traveled to the lovely city of Toronto to visit the set of SUITS and interview some of the cast. You can check out my set visit article and photos here and my interview with stars Gabriel Macht and Patrck J. Adams here, and my interview with stars Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres here.

I know that he’s basically the bad guy on the show, but I am really liking the character of Louis on the series. He has cracked me up more than once and I’m enjoying how fiendishly evil he can be. In between shooting an episode, Rick Hoffman took the time to talk about what it’s like being the biggest pain in Mike’s ass at the firm.

On his character

One thing I can tell you right off the bat after only sitting down with Rick for a few minutes is that he pulls no punches. When we asked him to talk about Louis, the first thing he said (with a touch of pride, I might add) was that Louis was the “douche of the firm.” Seriously, what better description can there be than that?

He went on to say that Louis does become more interesting as the show goes on and I have to agree with that. With every episode we’ve seen a little more of Louis and all of it is intriguing, though I can’t say that any of it has detracted from his overall douchey-ness.

Rick said that he does believe that there is more the Louis than what we’ve seen on the surface so far and he thinks that the reason he is the way he is comes from the fact that he’s truly broken on the inside. He hopes the audience will get to see that in future episodes. Louis uses his suit as a shield to cover what’s underneath and that was one of the things that drew Rick to the role. Apparently we’ll get to see

On his favorite scene to shoot

When asked about his favorite scene to shoot so far, Rick actually talked about one of my favorite Louis scenes so far this season – when Louis takes off his shirt in the locker room and makes Mike very uncomfortable. I’m glad he enjoyed shooting it because it sure made me laugh.

On the relationship between Louis and Harvey

Not that it’s any surprise to anyone who’s seen the show, but Rick said there’s no doubt that Louis does have it in for Harvey and he’s definitely suspicious that something isn’t quite right with Mike. According to Rick there is no line that Harvey won’t cross to screw over Harvey, which I see as leading to trouble for Mike too, since getting to Mike is one way to get to Harvey.

On how he prepared for the role

Rick told us that he’s been playing different levels and different versions of assholes (his word, not mine, but I love it) for 11 years, which more than prepared him for the role. He also uses all those times in life where random people just piss us all off, someone cutting you off in traffic, etc. As for the legal mumbo jumbo? Well it turns out that playing a lot of assholes in your acting career apparently means playing a lot of lawyers, so he was pretty much prepared when he walked on set.


SUITS -- Doug Liman - "Blogger Set Visit" -- Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

We had to wait around a bit for our interview with executive producer Doug Liman, but no one really minded. Why? Well when they tell you that someone is literally flying in (as in, they are piloting a plane) to get there, you don’t feel the need to tell them to rush. Once he touched down safely at a nearby small airport, Doug took a moment to talk to us about being executive producer on both Suits and Covert Affairs.

On Covert Affairs

We talked to Doug about Covert Affairs first and when we asked him what he liked most about doing the show right now, he said he was “deeply in love” with the character of Auggie this season. He seemed impressed and a more than a little proud of the way Auggie has completely transcended his handicap and become a sex symbol. He told us that he loves sending Auggie out into the field which made me extremely happy (I had to hold back a girly clap of happiness, which I only barely managed to do by sheer force of will). In an upcoming episode, Auggie will be sent to Istanbul to do a mission that a sighted man would find impossible, and he has to do it blind. Color me extremely happy.

He’s also really in love with where Annie’s character is right now and is excited to be sending Joan out into the field this season, too. It seems like all of the characters in the show are doing lots of exciting things this year and he’s happy with their journeys.

On Suits

The conversation then turned to his newer show and we wondered, after Covert Affairs did so well in its first season, whether or not he felt pressure to duplicate that with Suits. He told us that no one ever sets out to make a hit, you just try to make something you really like and he’s really enjoying it so far. He did mention that when saw Gabriel and Patrick’s chemistry on screen together he couldn’t help but to think the show was going to be a hit, and who can blame him?

To him, Suits isn’t so much a legal show as it is a show about plucking a kid who’s pretty much existing on the fringes of society and tossing him into very high paying job with a beautiful office and seeing what happens now that he’s made it. Though I had a hard time picturing him in the big frilly dress and glass slippers, Doug likened Mike to Cinderella in that he’s kind of always going to be waiting for the clock to strike midnight and for someone to take this all away from him. Wow, I never thought of it that way and it put a whole new spin on the story for me.

Be sure to check out Suits, which airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.