STATE OF GEORGIA “The Mole” Review

state of georgia (abc family) -the mole

STATE OF GEORGIA “The Mole” Season 1 Episode 4 – A girl who can’t read people and a guy who doesn’t have a Facebook page. A crush that isn’t a crush; and the mole that isn’t a mole. What is the younger generation coming to? Overall I enjoyed tonight’s episode of STATE OF GEORGIA. Raven-Symone really tones down her performance in “The Mole,” making Georgia seem less like a caricature so that she comes across as more relatable. There also were fewer staged antics, which was a nice break from the usual fare. Georgia has such a big personality, and Raven-Symone portrays the character in her own inimitable, larger than life manner, that it can get to be too much at times. So I appreciate the occasional subtle performance, especially since Raven-Symone is perfectly capable of delivering one. Still there is no denying that she has a talent for physical comedy.

I continue to marvel at the unexpected yet brilliant casting of Majandra Delfino as Jo. She does a great job carrying out the mind-set and demeanor of someone who thinks/acts differently from others and always seems to exist in her own little world. I love this absent-minded professor aspect of Jo, because it is very true to life (something I can attest to, I know people like her). I am glad that the show doesn’t go down the stereotypical road and make her into a complete social hermit. She still knows how to interact with the people around her; or at least she tries.

Why doesn’t Jo have a decent computer (or as Aunt Honey calls it, the devil machine)? You would think that someone with a genius IQ would require one?

Why don’t boys notice me, says the girl drinking ranch dressing. Oh, but they do notice, just not in the way she wants! Completely beside the point but was Jo drinking the dressing on purpose, or was it supposed to be accidental – a slip of the straw?

Jo was so happy about having the losers, freaks and nerds in “the Jo pile.” I’m not sure if this is so cute or so sad.

Just about everything that Aunt Honey says is a double entendre. I wonder if what she says will ever go beyond the sexual nature.

Brian aka Eric has an ass face and a Russian wife. Who knew calling someone ass face could be funny? Well, the first reference to it was funny. After the third or fourth time, not so much. The last “spank you on your face” was a glib, final blow though. Always satisfying when the girls get the last word.

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