NECESSARY ROUGHNESS Interview With Series Stars Callie Thorne and Marc Blucas

Necessary Roughness

A few weeks ago I traveled to Atlanta to visit the set and speak to the actors and creator of USA’s new series, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS. You can check out my article and photos from the set here, and my interview with series star Scott Cohen and series creator Craig Shapiro here.

On the relationship between Matthew and Dr. Dani

Matthew and Dani have a bit of an unconventional relationship, seeing as how they’re already slept together. Marc joked that Matt had already given Danny his “A” game, but I still think there’s plenty more to look forward to with these two. He liked how the two characters caught each other off guard – Dani immediately labeled Matt as a jock and he met her in a club full of groupies.

They surprised each other with who they really were behind those temporary masks and I hope that breadstick of theirs goes away eventually. Marc assured us that it will go away sometimes as the two of them won’t really be able to resist each other forever. Though he also assured us that Matt won’t be the guy who simply pines away for Dani all season, so expect him to have a few other liaisons here and there.

On his character

When starting a new series, an actor usually gets very little info on their character and Marc is no exception. Though the workaholic, prepared actor in him wants to know it all he also admits that there’s something fun about not really knowing much about Matt and learning as he goes. He does know that there will be some tension though, especially when an old flame pops back into Matt’s life again.

Remarking that most actors always want to play the juicy roles that are the farthest away from themselves as they can get, he admitted that Matt is a case of the apple not falling far from the tree. An ex athlete himself, Marc is stepping into a role that could easily have been himself and because of that has been a great help to the creators of the show. Acting as almost a technical advisor of sorts he’s had a hand in everything from what his character says, to the props he carries and even to helping choose the extras who play the athletes on the show.


Unfortunately Callie Thorne (who plays Dr. Dani on the show) was out the day that we came to set, but we had a chance to speak with her on the phone after we got back.

On her character

Some people may not realize it but Dr. Dani is based on a real person and knowing that there was a real “Dr. Donna” out there was one of the things that attracted Callie to the role. She can see that the character is going to end up a lot more layered, thanks to the fact that the writers are creating stories based on real incidents in her life; real people, real cases. It made Callie want to be a part of telling her story.

Part of the appeal of Dr. Dani is that she’s a person who thought she had a perfect life but it all falls apart and now she is scrambling. Callie likes to see what happens when people fail or are about to fail as she believes that’s when you see someone’s true heart and think it’s something audiences can connect with, especially as it comes from a true story.

Be sure to check out Necessary Roughness airing Wednesdays 10/9c on USA Network.

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