MELISSA & JOEY “Joe Versus the Reunion” Review


MELISSA & JOEY “Joe Versus the Reunion” Episode 16 – It is time for Joe’s 10 year college reunion and he is dreading it as he believes everyone will know about his downfall and he will have nothing to show for himself. When his hot date falls through, Joe decides to go it alone rather than take Mel. After a cry for help, Mel comes to the rescue only to muck everything up. Then her assistant, Stephanie, shows up to muck it up some more. Hilarity ensues. Well, maybe not hilarity, but it was cute how Melissa pretended to be Joe’s girlfriend and the great lengths she went to in order to make things right again. I also like how Joe described Mel not as his boss, but as a friend.

This week, though, I think the better plot line involved Lennox and Ryder and their “party.” How pathetic is it when your only guest is the pizza man? I loved Lennox’s guest list rules “anyone who is interesting” and that she vetoed any cheerleaders because of it, allowing only one at Ryder’s insistence “for diversity.”

Some of my favorite moments include:

“Cumulobimbus” – Mel describing the hot weather girls (or meterologists) that Joe dates

The fact that the artist Mel had to wine and dine was described as someone that draped tinfoil over buildings. Can one actually drape tinfoil?

“We have a responsiblity to be irresponsible.” – Lennox to Ryder to convince him to throw the party.

The college girls exclaiming to Joe “You showed up! Aww….”

That Joe’s former college classmate who was in a wheelchair still thought Joe had it worse off than him.

The pizza guy who had some great lines including not being upset they didn’t tip him because the extra money would just weigh him down and sarcastically telling them that he would stay for the party “I guess I can stay until the cops break this thing up.”

“My fake freaking fiancee”

What did you think of this week’s episode of Melissa & Joey? I did not think it was as funny as the last couple, but I was happy that Ryder got a bigger part and that he and Lennox seem to be getting better at playing off of each other. I do not mind their storylines that much anymore. Tell me what you thought in the comment section below.

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