COVERT AFFAIRS “Half a World Away” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "Half a World Away"

COVERT AFFAIRS “Half a World Away” Season 2 Episode 7 – This week we’re taken away from Annie and D.C. for a large chunk of this Auggie-centric episode. When Auggie attends a jazz festival in Turkey, the last thing he expects to hear is the voice of the man who blinded him. But he does, and so a plan to track this guy down and right a wrong is put into effect — with the help of a pretty flight attendant.

The ‘guy’ is actually an Iraqi terrorist, known by the military as the Jack of Diamonds (known by me too – I didn’t quite catch his real name). Auggie’s unit was sent in to take the Jack out and it seemed to be successful – until a hidden explosive was detonated, killing all of Auggie’s unit and blinding Auggie in the process. So when Auggie realises the Jack may still be alive, he asks Annie to find out the dead man’s official status.

After a conversation with the Jack’s sister and a run-in with the FBI agent compiling a case against him, Annie tells Auggie that the Jack is still alive. And so Auggie (and his flight attendant) find the Jack’s travel plans and Auggie prepares himself to commit murder. But a last minute phone call from Annie pleading with him to follow law and due process proves successful and Auggie returns home, handing (or, rather, rolling) the Jack over to the FBI.

I wanted to love this episode for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I adore Auggie. He’s gorgeous, he’s good at his job, he’s a great friend and he doesn’t let his disability get in the way of living his life – he’s just a fantastic character. Secondly, we’ve been teased with the hidden story behind Auggie’s blindness for a season and a half. To finally learn the truth of what happened to Auggie was an exciting prospect.

But it all sort of fell flat for me. The few scenes of Auggie exploring Istanbul were lovely and kudos to the show for Iraq-based scenes that didn’t look like they just dressed an old desert town somewhere in California, but that’s almost where my praise for this episode ends. It wasn’t a bad episode by any stretch of the imagination, but it didn’t really go anywhere.

Auggie went to kill the bad guy, failed, and his unit died as a result — not to mention Auggie suffering physically and psychologically. It’s sad, and it was a nice piece of character building, but it was a dull piece of viewing. There was no real tension, no twist, nothing to pull the viewer in and make them truly feel for Auggie.

The best and most powerful scene of this episode was definitely the very last one, in the bar. Auggie keeping that photograph of his unit in his wallet, ‘seeing’ it everytime he touches it, is a great piece of writing and a very touching moment.

I’m not sure what I wanted from ‘Half a World Away’, but it was more than this. Maybe a better build up to the eventual explosion scene would have ratcheted up the tension, or perhaps Annie – or even Riva or Jai – in place of some random, genetic flight attendant would have infused a little more emotion into the storyline. Still, it was good to see Auggie get a nice chunk of screen time this week.

Summary: not the best episode of this season, but a decent enough watch with lots of Auggie goodness.

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