WHITE COLLAR “Taking Account” Review

WHITE COLLAR (USA) "Taking Account"

WHITE COLLAR “Taking Account” Season 3 Episode 7 – All along I’ve been dying for us to get a glimpse into Neal’s noggin and more clues as to why he’s planning on leaving the life that he has now. Sure that’s a big treasure and sure he’s the bad boy, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around why he would want to go back on the run and leave Peter and Sara.

Well tonight it looks like at least part of my question was answered. Neal finally gets close to telling Sara what he and Mozzie are planning but then backs off when she says she won’t go cross a line if she can’t come back from it. He promises that he’ll never ask her to and now I think I get it. Neal isn’t telling her his big secret because he’s trying to protect her. He knows that what he’s doing is wrong and he also knows that eventually Peter will catch him. He doesn’t want Sara caught in the middle but unfortunately for him, she caught too big of a whiff of what he was hiding and did some digging of her own.

Now Sara knows that Neal has the treasure, the question is what is she going to do with that information? She seemed intrigued by the idea of them running off to live the lives of billionaires but she’s also firmly on the right side of the law. I don’t think she’ll turn him in either, which leaves her in one heck of a pickle.

My favorite bits..

“Back up there, sticky fingers.” – Haha! She knows him too well.

Neal translated what Jones said for the rest of the room.

Being completed creeped-out by that image on the screen.

“No, no..this is temporary.” “Yep.so was Elle.” – the way Peter peeked around Neal’s shoulder during that exchange was hilarious.

Mozzie deciding that admitting to looking up porn was better than admitting to what he was actually doing on that laptop.

Ah.so *that’s* what Mozzie was doing on the laptop – ogling their treasure.

Yay! The old main title sequence is back! Love it!

“Helping you get dressed seems so counter-productive.” – Be still my heart.

Neal sneaking that day code out of the bank lady. Nice.

Mozzie taking a handful of candy on his way out of the bank.

The fact that Peter seems to be getting a big kick out of Neal being somewhat domesticated by Sara and the two of them discussing ironing of shirts.

“You think Dupont has a partner with expensive taste?” “I think *I* have a partner with expensive taste.”

Uh oh.Peter is mad. Methinks Neal messed up big this time.

Elizabeth trying to defend Neal. Aw.

“I wouldn’t be too concerned, Mozzie’s very good with boundaries.” – Excuse me for a second.. *collapses into hysterical laughter*

That car speaker was hard to understand but I think the Vulture referred to Mozzie as the “handsome one”, which is awesome.

“That way Brower takes his next shot at me, sounds fun.” “I love how we’re always on the same page.”

Mozzie showing up to protect Sally. Aw.

Sally texting Mozzie..from her bed. Looks like someone’s gonna get some action.

Neal asking Peter if he was in a full-fledged garment war with Elizabeth.

“I toss in my sleep and she bruises easily.”

Peter feeling the need to explain his little anklet/jail/conjugal visit joke.

Whoa! The FBI getting hacked by Brower.

Everyone in the room realizing just exactly what was happening between Mozzie and Sally. Go Mozzie! Looks like Peter and Neal aren’t the only ones on the team with game.

“I will never unhear that.”

The awesome teamwork that led to them finding Brower. Nice!

Neal finding out that he could have stayed at that hotel he loved so much, because Peter had been bluffing about being close back then.

June saying she didn’t like federal agents around the house without supervision. LOL.

June giving Sara some great advice about Neal.

Aha, there it is, Neal finally saying something to Mozzie that hinted to his reluctance to leave.

Holy cow! Sara got into the account to see the pictures of the vault. WOW!

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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