WEEDS “A Hole In Her Nijab” Review

WEEDS "A Hole In Her Niqab" Season 7 Episode 4

WEEDS “A Hole In Her Nijab” Season 7 Episode 4 – This week saw less time being spent at the halfway house, more time on Wall Street. Nancy pushes for Silas to, well, push weed and open a customer base in New York so she can raise the $2800 for her youngest child’s private schooling. Simultaneously, she seeks out the counsel of a lawyer (played by Martin Short) who has a certain fetish for sensational and extraordinary cases.

Silas’ business skills fail to meet Nancy’s short term goals: he seeks to establish a permanent customer base, she just needs the money fast. It was intriguing to see the parallels between Nancy and Silas: they are both very savvy business-wise, which of course stems from years of practice. Several scene illustrated this: Silas announcing he was a DEA to make a suspected dealer jump; Nancy busting that dealer by tossing photocopies out of the top floor above a busy New York street. Oh yes, Nancy is on Wall Street, thanks to her Afghan source literally blowing up, facing down Aiden Quinn’s advances. It provides Doug with something to do that is not completely unbelievable.

As I said last week, it was not too long ago I was lamenting how dull Silas’ role had become: but his relationship with Nancy has, in these last two episodes, really popped and suggested that it might become something more. Here we’ve seen them at ends and colluding: they potentially make a great team, but Nancy is just so full of rot and Silas is so embittered that it’s difficult not to assume that they’re headed for a combustible close.

Meanwhile, Shane is retracting from his sadistic childhood tendencies: he spends much of the episode making a replica of Nancy’s bedroom in the new New York apartment. It’s a way of saying “thank you” for taking the hit and going to jail for him-Nancy’s confused reaction suggests that she realizes the crap she had put him through: he might have swung the mallet, but she was the one who put him in such a position.

Also, Andy has entered into a weird relationship with an artist whose husband has cancer…well, we’ll see where this goes.

Weeds always provides a script filled with funny, quirky one-liners and an episode that is strange and well-acted. Unfortunately, it suffers from a lack of momentum and pacing, jerking back and forth. As entertaining as it is, as much as I am compelled to watch these people, it is often frustratingly slow.

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