THE CLOSER “Repeat Offender” Review

THE CLOSER “Repeat Offender” Season 7 Episode 2 – When a house sitter is found barely clothed, murdered, her body yellow and cracked from five days of decomposition, the police are called to investigate a crime which leads to adulterous professors and gangs of rich brats. Meanwhile, after the death of the Chief, Pope has been named the new Chief, but if Johnson figured he would let her off the hook or try to staunch or end the internal investigation, she was seriously mistaken.

Let’s get to the latter first, because though it took up less time it was a far more interesting story, and I’m not just saying that because I’m an enormous Mary McDonnell fan. Rather, it upped the tensions in the dynamic in the office. Pope’s decision to actually add pressure to Johnson’s case subverts expectations for anyone (particularly Johnson) that he might go easy on her. He just adds turf to the flames and sends Raydor after Johnson by going for her team.

Raydor subtly warns Johnson that she has not been removed from the case. Her warning leads Johnson to send her entire team out dumpster diving and wiretapping, which flips the dime and apparently leads Raydor to question Johnson’s ethics: in other words, why would Johnson waste police resources just to protect herself? It sets up an interesting season-long plot which leads up to the series finale of The Closer.

Meanwhile, the case of the week itself was the standard, clever and entertaining if thoroughly predictable from the moment the son appeared: in any crime show, the first person question is almost always a red herring. Then you look at the tertiary characters and ask who is unneeded: the son popped up, made a comment about how the house sitter was “more” than just a house sitter.

A good episode, entertaining, which is more of a set up than a pay off. And I hope the pay off will be big and exciting.

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