THE BIG C “Boo!” Review

THE BIG C "Boo!" Season 2 Episode 4 (1)

THE BIG C “Boo!” Season 2 Episode 4 – It’s Halloween in The Big C and morbidity is in the air. Cathy’s insurance does not come through and her treatment is delayed for a day, leading her to a breakdown. Meanwhile guest star Hugh Dancy makes a turn as a cancer patient undergoing the same trial as Cathy: his introduction to the series is playing the victim of Cathy’s driving, jumping onto the hood of Cathy’s car and playing seriously injured. Meanwhile, Sean deals with the possibility that Marlene’s ghost is haunting his house, and Adam has dissect a pig foetus.

This was probably my favorite episode of The Big C‘s second season since the pilot, though it doesn’t just defy the genre: rather it kills very notion that this show is in any way shape or form a comedy and transformed, for this episode at least, into a half hour drama.

There is nothing funny about Cathy’s insurance freezing up, and the show, thankfully, does not treat her anxiety in a hokey way, instead allowing Linney to do some of her most emotionally devastating work so far. In the meantime, the harrowing way it portrays Paul’s dismissal from work, was similarly unfunny and grave yet deeply troubling. Paul’s outrage was splendidly played by Oliver Platt, and the green ears were a nice touch.

His mother’s cancer has had a seriously negative effect on Adam, which is totally understandable. We’re slowly beginning to see a sort of shock wave develop around him as he reacts violently, first getting into a fight at school, then treating the girl with whom he had sex last week in a completely aggressive and mean way in the middle of the school halls. This downward spiral is only beginning: his parents are so consumed with their own troubles that they don’t see their son’s life is imploding.

This episode just raised the stakes so sharply. If it keeps going this way, The Big C could become a very good show. What will happen with Adam and Sean and their lives on the fringes of Cathy’s cancer? What will happen with Paul’s employments status? And, most importantly, with Paul’s dismissal, is Cathy’s insurance safe?

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