TEEN WOLF “Lunatic” Review

Teen Wolf (MTV) - Lunatic

TEEN WOLF “Lunatic” Season 1 Episode 8 – Whenever lacrosse is featured, TEEN WOLF always seems to drag. I found tonight’s episode, aptly titled “Lunatic,” hard to sit through. I was going a little crazy waiting for the appearance of the full moon and for Scott to go into maximum wolf mode. He finally does this in the last few minutes of the episode, but then the same thing happens as in every other episode. Derek tackles him and roars; Scott roars and tumbles, asking what happened. Everyone else is brooding and acting deviously the whole time. Last week, Lydia, Jackson and Allison started acting against the grain of their characters, or at least what I had surmised about their characters. Nothing is done to explain this or to move the story forward. Luckily Stiles’ scenes are generally a welcome breath of fresh air on the show, and I continue to enjoy the sarcastic nature of the character. Plus, wanting to learn more about the mystery – despite its slow reveal – still keeps me going.

Scott is sulking over the breakup with Allison; and the full moon isn’t helping his general mood. Is it the full moon and overcharged senses that make him see things that aren’t actually there? Of course, there is some sort of influence from the Alpha, but he doesn’t experience hallucinations when he turns into a wolf on a normal day.

Why does Stiles like Lydia? She is turning out to be manipulative and playing Allison and Scott against each other. And with his mind set, Scott is vulnerable though his actions and feelings are hard to understand. What is the reason behind Lydia’s actions – just lusting for Scott because he likes Allison and not her?

Allison questions her decision to break up with Scott. She doesn’t strike me as an indecisive girl, or a girl who can’t think for herself. Lydia tells Allison that Scott left them in the room to die, and she listens to her? Anyway didn’t everyone know that he left the room to get the janitor’s keys?

We see a different, more vulnerable side to Stiles’ character as he eases Scott out of a panic attack. Also that scene when Stiles sees his dad isn’t dead tugs at the heart strings!

Allison and Jackson know that people around them are lying. Allison just wants the truth from Scott and her dad. Is Jackson acting out of jealousy or is he under some wolf influence from the wound which he (humorously) is very sensitive about? It is much more unsettling to see Jackson calm and calculating versus seeing him full of rage like in the first few episodes. Jackson is closer to discovering Scott’s secret, and figuring out what is happening to him, too.

Allison unknowingly puts a target on Scott’s head when she connects him to Derek. I wonder when and how she will be let in on the family secret. Allison’s mom is freaky!!

Derek is back. What? No explanation as to what happened to him? He just went off to heal, I guess. Will killing the Alpha truly cure Scott, or is Derek just trying to get Scott to help him catch the Alpha?

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