SWITCHED AT BIRTH “The Stag Hunt” Review

SWITCHED AT BIRTH (ABC Family) - The Stag Hunt

SWITCHED AT BIRTH “The Stag Hunt” Season 1 Episode 7 – Everyone is adapting to the new living arrangements, and a familial atmosphere is starting to develop on SWITCHED AT BIRTH. Bay and Kathryn are making hilarious efforts to learn how to sign. Daphne, Emmett and Bay are working together to find the runaway dad. Regina arm wrestles Toby into submission about his gambling problem. Despite the huge projects our characters undertake and the speed with which things are progressing, “The Stag Hunt” had a very normal feeling about it. It is just another day in the life of two families who are thrown together by circumstance, but are starting to find a deeper connection.

Leave it to ABC Family to find a new and creative way to endorse safe sex: make coffee and use coffee filters! Call me childish, but I laughed.

After his vehemence last week, it’s hard to believe that Wilke would just take the blame for stealing the test. Is it because he got his money back? But it doesn’t matter since Toby is doing the right thing, confessing to stealing and conquering his gambling problem. Just like that?! His debts are clear…for now. We’ll have to wait and see if Toby has really turned over a new leaf. I hope the show eventually deals with his relationship with his dad, being treated like a disappointment and seeming to feel like a disappointment at times.

What are Emmett’s motives in helping Bay? It seems like he is just doing it for Daphne’s benefit – to allow Daphne to confront her dad and allay her insecurity that he left because of her deafness, consequently giving her some closure. Yet I’m unsure of Emmett’s true feelings towards Bay. He claims that he likes her as just a charming friend; but when confronted by Daphne about Bay’s dark wavy hair and alabaster skin, he doth protest too much. Perhaps Emmett really does like Bay and doesn’t want to admit to Daphne that he is wrong about the possibility of a relationship between a deaf and hearing person. Then why turn around so quickly and kiss Bay, essentially admitting he’s wrong? He couldn’t be pretending to like her and planning to string Bay along to prove a point, could he? Maybe he expects her to act in a way that will show he is right? Still we don’t know yet how Bay will react to Emmett’s unexpected kiss.

I feel nervous for Bay finding her biological dad. Shouldn’t she be more nervous?

I think Kathryn is more concerned about Regina than she is letting on, and wants to get to know her better as a way to know Daphne better. But as with Emmett, it is unclear what Kathryn’s underlying feelings are about Regina mingling with her rich friends. Whatever they are, I’m sure Kathryn loved being right!

Regina knew about the switch already! From the guitar case full of Bay’s photos, she has been keeping track of her for a while. No wonder the hospital took back their offer.

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