PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Never Letting Go” Review


PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Never Letting Go” Season 2 Episode 6 – The girls get roped into participating in a fashion show in the most ghoulish way, wearing dresses owned by Allison. Although it appears that Allison’s mother thought this was a good idea, the whole thing just gave me the creeps. It probably did not help that Noel was the DJ and yet somehow did not know how to stop the video from playing once it went from a tribute to a horror show. And that part at the end where he insinuates to Aria that he has held or holds something that could get them in trouble was, well, troubling.

So it appears that “A” is blatantly saying she is actually Allison. There is no other explanation for the final video broadcast that referenced the dresses belonging to her. However, we all know Allison is dead and I highly doubt (and hope) that they would not just have Allison reappear, alive after all of this time. I also do not think that Allison would refer to herself as a monster and evil, though she might be the first to announce “the bitch is back.” Although Allison’s mother made her initial appearance today and we do not really know her, I felt bad for her and Jason for having to go through that spectacle.

Speaking of Jason, there is a definite spark between he and Aria, right? I enjoy them so much better than Aria and Ezra. In fact, I was relieved when Ezra did not make an appearance tonight. I do find it strange that Jason has absolutely no memory of the entire last day of Allison’s life. That seems more to me like he was drugged versus blacking it out because he is the murderer. I am not sure who I think the murderer is anymore, but Jason is not on my list.

In non Allison related news, how awkward was it when Samara turned up with a date to the fashion show, holding hands and talking about sitting in her lap right in front of Emily? Even if they are not seriously dating, that was rather rude. It seemed out of character for what little we know of Samara so I wonder if she was doing it purposely to make Emily realize she actually wants a more committed relationship. Caleb and Hanna look to be back on. Spencer and Toby are going strong. Everyone is coupled in one way or another, even the parents. It is rather disturbing that Hanna’s father keeps extending his trip home when he has a fiancee and an entire family somewhere else. What exactly is he going to work through with Hanna’s mother?

Once again we are left with more questions. Why is Spencer’s father arguing with Allison’s mother? Why is he upset that Jason is back in town? Why is Emily’s mother so comfortable with the idea of leaving her high school aged daughter alone for months? Why do other parents think this is okay? At this point, the “parenting” that occurs in this show borders on ridiculous. Why does “A” always wear black gloves no matter what he/she does? Whose address begins with 5214? Is it Spencer? I automatically thought of her because of the riding boots and the horsehoe from the barn. Why did someone bother to make the tealight candles form an “A” when you could only see it from above?

What did you think of this latest episode of Pretty Little Liars? I honestly cannot believe that I am still invested in this mystery despite not ever really getting any answers. It shows just how well written this show is. Tell me what you thought about the episode down below and if you have answers, or think you have answers, to any of my questions, throw those at me as well!

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