MASTERCHEF “Top 10 Compete” Review

MASTERCHEF “Top 10 Compete” Season 2, Episode 12 – So we’re finally down to the top ten in the MasterChef competition and this week, the home cooks were required to prepare a three course meal for the mothers of Chef Ramsay, Chef Elliot and Chef Bastianich.

I thought it was incredibly risky for Tracy to pick a fish dish after Chef Ramsay’s mother specifically said that she did not like fish. As a testament to Tracy’s confidence, however, she held her ground on her decisions about her menu and as a result, she was an effective team leader. She utilized Christian to the best of his abilities and had him prepare the turbot that would change Chef Ramsay’s mother’s opinion of fish. It kind of made me wonder what kind of fish Chef Ramsay had been cooking up for his own mother all these years.

To be fair, Giuseppe’s team didn’t do terribly. The mothers seemed to enjoy most of his team’s dishes as well and the loss came due to a technical error in the apple pie preparation. I think Giuseppe probably picked the wrong words when he said the loss was due to a difference in their palates (which caused Chef Ramsay to explode as if he had taken it as a personal attack on his mother.) I think he more likely meant that the loss was due to a difference in taste preferences which may have been a fair assessment as sometimes the mothers were split on their opinions of certain dishes.

Giuseppe’s team found themselves on the chopping block for the MasterChef Pressure Test. They were required to prepare a perfect Eggs Benedict which turned out to be a more difficult challenge than one would have expected. Out of the five home cooks, only Ben and Suzy presented somewhat successful dishes. Alejandra fell right into the middle while both Giuseppe and Derrick made serious errors in their preparation and timing.

I like both Giuseppe and Derrick as competitors and I would have been disappointed to see either one of them leave, but ultimately Giuseppe’s under-cooked eggs were more detrimental to the dish than Derrick’s sloppy presentation. So with the lovable Giuseppe heading home tonight, the reality of the MasterChef competition sets in – the safety of the middle ground is shrinking and past performances can not compensate for even the tiniest errors at this level of the competition.