HELL’S KITCHEN “18 Chefs Compete” Review


HELL’S KITCHEN “18 Chefs Compete” Season 9 Episode 1 – The winner of this season will become the Head Chef of New York’s BLT Steak restaurant, plus a big cash prize and cooking world fame. Of course what the 18 contestants have to survive is Gordon Ramsay’s lunacy, which I’m guessing is less enjoyable and more homicidal when live and not on the screen.

As anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant can attest, chefs are not fun people.

The first competition is between the men and the women: they have 45 minutes to put together a dish, then the men and women face off in a showdown. First up is Carrie, with her sugary potatoes, which has Ramsay spitting out a mouthful. Then there’s Southern flavour Jonathan who comes out of the gate with a can of pineapple complaining about “limited time” which sends Ramsay into a fit: “You’re so full of shit even your eyes are brown.” Ramsay continues on his reign of terror: “My dear Krupa, you’re so full of crapa” as he goes through dish after dish. With the score tied, the last two dishes win it for the men with Jason’s taco dish.

Jason, or taco guy, is given oxygen as he is incapacitated by breathlessness, only an hour before the opening of Hell’s Kitchen. An ambulance is called, Jason is sent to the hospital and just like that Hell’s Kitchen has claimed its first victim.

The restaurant has been renovated. Krupa leads her red team as Ramsay benches two members of the blue team before the main course. No, actually, make that three. Apparently no one wants springy scallops. When Elise tries to hijack Carrie’s scallops, she’s sent to the bench. It’s high tension, high profanity, high stress: so, just a typical episode of Hell’s Kitchen, or perfectly described as “a train wreck on ice.” Ramsay calls it the “worst opening ever”.

In the end, the losing team is the blue team (the men’s team) and they have to work on a consensus and put two members up to the guillotine. In the end, Steven and Monteray are up for nominations for eviction, and Ramsay offers his own nominee: Chino.

In the end, Steven is sent home.

It will take a few more weeks until we can get to know the contestants well enough to choose one to get invested in, so I’m not terribly upset by Steven’s elimination.

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