ALPHAS “Cause and Effect” Review

ALPHAS (Syfy) "Cause and Effect" Episode 2 (1)

ALPHAS “Cause and Effect” Season 1, Episode 2 – After the attacks in the previous episode jeopardized the safety and anonymity of the covert team working with Dr. Rosen, the Alphas are required to relocate to a new office space in Queens. From their attitudes, I got the feeling that it wasn’t the first time they’ve had to relocate and that it probably wouldn’t be the last.

I really enjoyed Marcus’ character and I thought his story was a very effective way to creatively lay out Dr. Rosen’s background while simultaneously opening the gate to the overall Alphas mythology. As a result of some inconsistent acting, there were a few scenes with Marcus that interfered with the flow of the episode. Sometimes he seemed like a brilliant madman and other times he seemed like he was simply reading lines directly from the page. In any case, his Alpha abilities to precisely calculate cause and effect made for some exciting action sequences as well as some gory crime scenes resembling horrifying accidents more than intricately planned killings.

There were a couple of smaller character beats in this episode but none of them were too memorable. Rachel is still struggling to gain independence from her family, while Gary and Bill still can’t seem to get along. Thanks to an awkward scene amid flaming sewer lines, we can now confirm there’s a sexy spark between Nina and Cameron. Nina and Cameron’s inevitable path to romance is probably my least favorite subplot that Alphas has started to set up. I don’t see much onscreen chemistry between the two of them yet, so I don’t really believe their interest in one another.

After I watched the pilot, I had some suspicions about Dr. Rosen and I questioned whether his motives were as altruistic as he made them out to be. Tonight’s episode of Alphas put most of my doubts to rest and everything that Dr. Rosen did endeared me to his character. His lingering guilt over his shortcomings with Marcus, his genuine concern when Marcus told him that Dr. Sing had been trying to eliminate Alpha abilities, and his resolute belief that humans and Alphas should work side by side, all came together to make Dr. Rosen a character that I want to root for.

In Marcus’ last moments, he explained to Dr. Rosen that after calculating 20 steps into the future he realized that they were at war. Marcus had never calculated anything incorrectly – he even calculated exactly when and where Nathan Clay would shoot him – but among all that precision, the only variable he had ever encountered was Dr. Rosen, making Rosen the only hope for a different outcome.

The Alphas overall arc is likely tied to Binghamton Hospital, aka “The Compound” and it is shaping up to be a battle between the people who believe that Alphas and average humans can coexist, and those who don’t. Even though I’m still not sure what kind of game they’re all playing, I am totally looking forward to seeing what happens when Dr. Rosen decides to take over that board.