HELL’S KITCHEN Season 9 Premiere Advance Review


Tonight is the night for all of the aspiring chefs, food connoisseurs, and sadistic reality show lovers out there. That’s right, HELL’S KITCHEN, starring the one and only Chef Gordon Ramsey, premieres tonight at 8:00 pm ET on Fox. I was lucky enough to snag this episode in advance. If I could only describe the show in one word, it would definitely be “tense.”

The show sticks with the usual premise of choosing 18 chefs from around the country and dividing them into two teams. This season brings us a self proclaimed “rock star” chef, a chef that thinks she is the hottest chef and another from New Jersey that thinks he is actually on Jersey Shore. The last one ended up being my favorite. The intensity is shown immediately in the previews for this upcoming season which showed more cursing, crying and plate dropping than I have ever seen before. Naturally, it is said that this will be the most intense season yet. Judging from those previews and this first episode, I think they may have underplayed it.

Here are some thing to entice you to tune in tonight: there is a medical emergency, Chef Ramsey makes fun of someone’s tatoo, there is a female chef that you will immediately hate, there is a male chef that you will feel sorry for, someone leaves abruptly and it is unclear if the person is ever returning, there is a special appearance from a past Hell’s Kitchen winner, and, finally, there is the most humiliating first “task” for this group of people I have ever seen. I actually felt embarrassed for them.

Is that enough to make you want to tune in to the season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen tonight at 8:00 pm ET on Fox? I certainly hope so. I need you to come back here and tell me what you thought, who your favorite contestant was, who you think will be kicked off, and which contestant you cannot stand in the comment section below. See you back here tonight!

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