extreme makeover weight loss edition

EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEIGHT LOSS EDITION Episode 8 – I could tell right away that Staci was going to be a person I liked and I wasn’t disappointed. She was a hard working mom of two with a husband who had suffered a stroke and had just taken on everyone else’s issues without doing anything for herself.

I was impressed at the way she took on the challenge from day one, growling and fighting during that first workout. After that she flew through her first 90 days and hit her goal, then her next 90 days and hit that goal, too. But, much like so many people on this show, after the halfway point she had some rough times and got to her 9 month goal 4 lbs up from her last weigh in. I didn’t lose hope though and wasn’t surprised at all when she came to her final weigh in looking fantastic.

Sure enough, the scale showed that all of Staci’s hard work paid off and she made the original goal of losing 200 lbs in a year, actually she beat it by a pound. And as Chris pointed out at the end, watching someone like Staci do that with all of her challenges really made me feel like the rest of us don’t have much of an excuse.

My favorite bits..

Staci describing how being bigger than the biggest person on the Biggest Loser was horrible. Oh man, that would be pretty devastating.

Chris popping his head out of that drive-thru window. Just when I think they can’t find another unique way for him to show up, he goes and does that. That was awesome.

Chris pushing Staci to growl and fight through her workout and forcing her to take responsibility for what she had done to herself.

Finding out that Staci dropped out of school because she just got too big for the desks. Wow.

Staci revealing how her mom made her feel when she offered her money, etc to make her lose weight.

Ugh, mom is not cool. “I don’t want to raise her kids.” – Wow, way to be supportive there mom.

Staci and her sister shopping for “goal clothes.” That’s a great idea, I may have try that myself.

Staci making her 90 day goal. Woohoo!

Staci opening up to her mom and the two of them working things out.

Being amazed at how great Staci looked, just at her 6-month mark.

Staci hitting her 6-month goal on the money.

Staci asking to do her climb in the fire tower again. Awesome!

Getting worried when Staci did her video showing how things had sort of fallen apart at her home, and she was ordering take-out. Uh oh.

Staci showing Chris a picture of she and her daughter inside her old jeans.

Finding out that Staci’s husband had lost 100 lbs himself.

Stacy losing just over 200 lbs, which was her original goal.

Aw Chris, now you’ve gone and made me feel bad. Sure had a great point though. If Staci can lose 200 lbs in a year I guess the rest of us really don’t have any excuse.

What did you think of this episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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