CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “The Safe House” Review


CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “The Safe House” Season 8 Episode 2 – Last year Larry David took on girl scouts and aided a thirteen year old with her girl period, this week he rankled the ladies of a battered woman’s shelter and burlesque dancers.

Curb Your Enthusiasm works best, I believe, when it’s turning moments of absurdity into something that’s hilarious and awkward. Case and point the cold open of this episode: Larry wants to get himself an ice cream, but there are two women in front of the freezer, one sobbing, the other comforting her. What can he do? He still wants the ice cream. He asks them, not so diplomatically, to move it. They refuse, asking him to leave them alone. So he starts trying to sidle on in there, going through the freezer next door to infiltrate the location of his desired ice cream. Any fan of ice cream will understand his desperation. Any human being with an ounce of compassion will probably be laughing at these weird and wacky antics. It’s a very funny scene which unfortunately doesn’t mark the beginning of a particularly funny episode.

Don’t get me wrong: it was entertaining and had its moments, but the overall plot (if you could call it that) did not really gel. The idea that Larry would be asked to watch a computer then, realizing he had to go, would ask another customer to look after the stranger’s computer is plausible. But you know that the computer was going to go missing, you knew there was going to be a joke about the black guy taking it. There’s nothing wrong with the joke except the set up, which made it abundantly clear where the joke was going. The joke went there. Very little is funny if you predict the punchline.

Then there was the burlesque dancer, a girlfriend of one of Larry’s friends with enormous breasts who, after taking Larry’s advice and having a doctor check out a mole, decides to get a breast reduction to help her back. This led to a funny ending scene as Larry’s friend, hands and arms broken thanks to an ice cream problem Larry himself had to deal with which went horribly wrong, sitting in bed unable to celebrate the breasts he loved so much.

Really, the best part of the episode came when Larry visited a battered women’s center next door to his house. His awkward and thick headed speech, their abrasive responses, all brought the scene to a high and made the episode totally worth it.

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